Monday, 12 August 2013

Training- My Bike !!

The shone sun down and it just  hit 11:20 but training starts at 12. Like a dash I rushed outside all ready for what my trainers have coming for us today. I jumped on my bike and as fast as I could I peddled to Otahuhu. The bright sun shone down on my face and the calm breeze gently blew.

I had just arrived right on time. Only four of us turned up but they were all twice my age. Katie, Wayne,Remigius and I knew we were in for some torture and  with a cheeky smile our trainer Mike laughed “Sunday Funday”. We ran around the field 5 times but by the 3rd one I was puffed from already riding my bike up the hills to get to training. We had just finished our laps and I was exhausted . That was only a warm up. “Ready for the hills now”.

The actual training had just began. Beep Beep Beeep alarmed the timer , Off we went. Pushing up Victor our other trainer to the very top of the steep hill.
I ran down and again ,up we went.  We had a quick rest just shadow boxing for a few minutes then straight back into it doing it again another 2 more times till we move on to the next one.

“Next drill” . I knew this drill will be a killer . I grabbed the “6 kg medicine ball and threw it up the hill.  I sprinted to where the ball landed and then straight away burpied on the ball. Throw it up again till I reach the cone. Back down i ran with the ball. Wobbling down I felt like I was gonna fall flat on my face.

Last but not lease sprints. One of us has to be hitting the pads while the other one sprints 4 times there and back there and back. I sprinted first  when i was down I swapped with katie and it was her turn to sprint. We did this 3 time till finally we were done and dusted. With relief I ran to my drink bottle gulping down all the water in my bottle.

I jumped back down on my bike luckily this Time I get to go down hill. The wind wasn't so gentle anymore riding down the hill the wind whipped my face but I was in a rush it was now 1:40 and I was gonna be late for the warriors game that started at 2. “Oh what another challenge “

Such an exhausting day riding to training then doing hills and then riding home yet to go to the warriors game.

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