Monday, 12 August 2013

Training- My Bike !!

The shone sun down and it just  hit 11:20 but training starts at 12. Like a dash I rushed outside all ready for what my trainers have coming for us today. I jumped on my bike and as fast as I could I peddled to Otahuhu. The bright sun shone down on my face and the calm breeze gently blew.

I had just arrived right on time. Only four of us turned up but they were all twice my age. Katie, Wayne,Remigius and I knew we were in for some torture and  with a cheeky smile our trainer Mike laughed “Sunday Funday”. We ran around the field 5 times but by the 3rd one I was puffed from already riding my bike up the hills to get to training. We had just finished our laps and I was exhausted . That was only a warm up. “Ready for the hills now”.

The actual training had just began. Beep Beep Beeep alarmed the timer , Off we went. Pushing up Victor our other trainer to the very top of the steep hill.
I ran down and again ,up we went.  We had a quick rest just shadow boxing for a few minutes then straight back into it doing it again another 2 more times till we move on to the next one.

“Next drill” . I knew this drill will be a killer . I grabbed the “6 kg medicine ball and threw it up the hill.  I sprinted to where the ball landed and then straight away burpied on the ball. Throw it up again till I reach the cone. Back down i ran with the ball. Wobbling down I felt like I was gonna fall flat on my face.

Last but not lease sprints. One of us has to be hitting the pads while the other one sprints 4 times there and back there and back. I sprinted first  when i was down I swapped with katie and it was her turn to sprint. We did this 3 time till finally we were done and dusted. With relief I ran to my drink bottle gulping down all the water in my bottle.

I jumped back down on my bike luckily this Time I get to go down hill. The wind wasn't so gentle anymore riding down the hill the wind whipped my face but I was in a rush it was now 1:40 and I was gonna be late for the warriors game that started at 2. “Oh what another challenge “

Such an exhausting day riding to training then doing hills and then riding home yet to go to the warriors game.

Sunday, 11 August 2013

Open Day at Rangitoto College !!!

Wow! as soon as I reached the top of the concrete stairs that lead to the audotoruim all I could think was OMG this is a massive school. This could be my college there is a possibility that I'm going to be a pupil here.  With shock and butterflies in my stomach I  sat down.

There was a nicely dressed man in a suit standing with a group of people. He looked at me with a big smile and suddenly he walked over to me.  "David Hodges principle of Rangitoto college, he said."
"What school do you go to" " Point England" I happily said. "WOOW! Do you know I was the principle of Tamaki college before'." Ok if your really serious about coming to Rangitoto Ill make it happen anything for my girl'. With extreme happiness I smiled from one ear to the other. 

It was finally Tour time. We got partnered up with these two very kind girls showing us all around shcool showing us all the departments Music, Science, Maths, Socila Study rooms, Their Gyms. WOWW!! was all I thought I love this school already.  After the beautiful tour we got taken to the libary for all the information packs.

I walked in the libary and and walked out with alot of panflets and a prosictive . When i walked in I staright away went to the uniforms and staright away i loved it.  Year 9-10 wear blue uniforms and Year 11-12 wear red uniforms and year 13's wear mufti. I walked arounfd to the sports side and there were so many sports to choose from.

I was soooo impressed with Rangitoto college that I really really want to go there next year. I was also happy that we get to bring our own devices to school. They also have google docs there too. YESS! I really hope that next year I'll be going to Rangitoto.

Friday, 9 August 2013

My Creative Strand reflection

Yellow Hat - I loved learning and creating designs. My personal favourite was using the carving tools to carve out my design.

Black Hat - I didn't like that we had to do a reflection other than finishing things of.

Green Hat - I found the names and the patterns very interesting finding out the meaning and trying to pronounce it. I found the ink and its sound quite interesting.

White Hat - What did I learn?  I learned how to draw Samoan designs and I also learnt how to use a carving knife.