Friday, 14 June 2013

Prospective Student!!!

Hanging and Dangling from the dangerous towering mountains I struggled to pull myself up. My muscles started to tighten . .Should i continue?,Should I keep going?, but with determination I pulled myself up . Exhausted and drained I persevered my treacherous journey...

My eyes lit up. The dojo was standing right in front of my eyes. And with relief I rushed to the huge solid door.  Dauntingly I knocked on the door that might be the start of my next journey. Creeck! as the the hefty door opened.There the Sensei Stood tall and strong with a penetrating stare . With apprehension I nervously  bowed down to the powerful man that stood dead still front of me.

The Sensi pointed to the side. My head dropped My shoulders shrugged and my heart was crushed. I took a deep breath and with hope I tried again. I got down and found inner peace meditating day and night. The huge door that I have been meditating in front had opened,But still Sensi pointed away. Rage was rushing through me now and I was now to the point that I kicked the door opened and showed Sensi what I have.

He pointed to a sign reading “Please use the side entrance”. I curled up with embarrassment thinking “aaaa duhh “ Isn't climbing up the treacherous rocky slope a challenge and with embarrassment and relief I walked into the dojo.

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Weet Bix VS Nutri grains

We have been comparing 2 common cereals to see which one is better. So we made this Ven diagram and presentation to back up our learning. We investigated the differences of weet Bix and Nutri Grain. This presentation was made by Alexandria, Tui and I. But Nurti grain is still my personal Favourite.

Monday, 10 June 2013

Alive and Kicking 2

It was a calm and warm mid day. People were already gathering into the Rec- centre in Pukekohe to catch a glimpse of kick boxing at its very finest. Alive and KiIcking 2 was finally here. As fighters were getting ready, chairs were filling fast, and I was right there ringside catching all the action on my sisters tablet.

My team mates that I have been training with, were getting ready. Chey Chey (La chey) , Katie, Wayne and Sop were all in the red corner with my other gym ETK.  “Fighting out of the red corner from Wild Stables... Chey Meridith!” announced the MC. I was right there next to the ring screaming and cheering as loud as I could.  “GO CHEY”! I shouted. She was now in the ring ready for round 1 to begin.

“Fight!” yelled the ref.  Straight away into action, Chey head kicked the girl. Punch, Punch, Kick!.
Chey was obviously winning. Two rounds later and the fight had finished. The winner was obvious. “Your winner fighting out of the red corner Chey” Yay!. All  our team mates and her family cheered. We were back in our changing rooms. Congrats were said here and there.

I met up with my boy bestie he was also my fight buddie and we started  to play a game waiting for our fight of the night to come on. We got ice cubes and wrapped them up in tin foil rushing around hiding from each other and throwing the balls that we made.. It was a blast running around chucking balls at each other. Now I got several bruises all over my body.

It was finally the fight we have been waiting for Babe Nanseen vs Joe. A women fight.
The two very strong women were face to face in the ring all alone just the two of them. The crowed cheered and roared. Round 1 fight!  The first round was really close. Round 2 and Babe came out as a beast knocking her down giving her  punches to the face and just dominating her opponent. But being Joe she kept fighting and took some big hits. Third and final round Fight!.
Babe kept punching her in her face baamm! and joe was on the ground. She stood up. Ding! saved by the bell.

What a great night of stacked fights.I had a blast....


Thursday, 6 June 2013

The Wet Muggy Day!!!

It was a cold muggy day. Rain bucketed down causing all the towns people to  rush for shelter. Umbrellas were flying here and there, and water from the puddles oozed in my shoes. What a chaos? I thought to myself. A Flash car came driving past with a great speed. Woosh!! as the car had driven into a puddle right next to me. I was now soaking wet. My clothes felt heavy. Brrr! I was shivering and now all I wanted to do was go home and have a nice hot shower .....