Thursday, 18 April 2013

Meaning of Best Friends...

Best Friends are people  who are more than  just friends but people who are very close. Know them inside out. Best Friends care and respect their BFF and best friends are always there for each other. BFF is it the name B for Best. F for friends and another F meaning forever. Everyone has that one special friend  known as Best Friends.

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

My Sister Central

My Little Sister Central!

Cheeky, really cheeky
Engertic and playful
Running is her faviourite thing to do
Always funny
Little Sister

Britney Moala and Roezala DLO

Moala Britney Roezala from Team 5 PES on Vimeo.

This is our DLO for our Karakia that we learnt with Ms Tito

I made A new Friend !!!!

A few weeks ago  a new girl came to my gym to train. She was new so I helped her and every training we became more closer and closer to being friends. Now she's my friend and she's really really kind. We took photos yesterday. I'm glad I got a new friend

. She is very KInd pretty and awesome.
YAY! I 've got a new friend

My Best Friend Jaylee

 Jokes around
Yes she's the best at rugby
Every time I'm  with her I'm always happy
Energetic and excellent

My Best Friend Jay lee is the best. Very Kind and very pretty. I love everything about her epically her kind but very funny personality. She's always there for me. We always joke around. We dream of roaming the world together and being flat mates when we grow up. I love My best Friend She is like my big sister. She's my BFF, My world and I couldn't live without her. She's my best friend and she will always be.

Monday, 15 April 2013

Term Reflection

Fia Fia practices to Sports. This term has been an all on exciting Term for all the students here at  Pt England School.

Fia Fia practises were just one of my highlights of the term as well as playing sports against other classrooms,tech down at Tamaki and Te reo with Ms T. I really enjoyed creating and producing movies with my friends. I was proud of my movies that I made with Mary and Asena and I was also proud of the MOvie about our goals that were made by Mary V ,Britney, Moala and Me. I

When it came to movie making my group and I worked well together . We all did our part of creating the movie . We generated and shared our idea’s and together picked the best that would suit for our movie. I finished most of my tasks on time I just have to do 15 minutes of maths whizz and do my xtra maths everyday. I also would like to stop  talking  to my friends at tech and get my work done.

I’m looking forward to the different games and sports that will be held next term. My goals for next term are to finish everything on our checklist and to stop look and listen when the teacher says so. One more goal of mine is to do maths whizz and xtra maths daily so my basic fact knowledge will improve. I am really excited for next term.

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

My Poem from the beggning of the Year

Punching and Kicking Like a FLASH of lighting.
Speed of a puma
Tough as rocks
Punches like your getting hit a baseball bat
Sweat gushing down
King of Muaythai
208 wins 54 by knockout 21
losses 1 by knockout and 12 draws

Disapering things!!

It was a scorching hot summer day.Perfect for a swim. Too hot to do anything other than lay right beside the fan and slugg around. “Lets go swimming” eagerly yelled Laia and LA.  ‘Sure’ said Mum,  “Got get your things ready and we can leave”! They jumped up and like a jaguar the hopped up and raced to their rooms.

Rushing through the house anxiously looking for their togs. ‘Togs where are you Togs where are you” There togs were nowhere to be seen. Luckily they had everything else all in there backpacks ready to go. ‘Mum we can't find our togs’,’ have you checked in your draw’, “Yes the girls replied. ‘Have you checked in the pile of clothes” ,’Yes mum.”
They gave up. and sighed. Urgh!!!. They looked in there bags and saw that there goggles went missing. ‘Oh NO! our goggles are gone to”.  Laia and LA started to investigate.  Im sherlock holmes said LA I'll get to the bottom of this and like a flash they headed of to see why things kept disappearing. Were going on a tog hunt they sang!!.

Argh Ha!! Look a the slimy mud prints that bubble made it goes right to our bags and draws. They rushed outside to Bubble’s kennel and saw a stash of  clothes, shoes, things that have been missing for a long time and  they even saw their togs and goggles laying on the top of the pile. “Silly Puppy” they cuddled bubble and giggled.
“Mum we found them Bubble had them all along”!

Friday, 5 April 2013

Were getting Ready for Fia Fia!!

 Today at Assembly today we had a little taste of drumming and dancing all the way from the Cook Islands. A group of men banged and tapped their drums with hard, thick drum sticks, While 4 girls came out in lovely costumes and started to do a traditional dance with shaking of the hips and soft hand movement.  Costumes were beautiful Yellow lava lava's , black singlet and a headpiece with feathers on top."Wow "I thought!

The girls danced and danced while the crowd cheered and applauded.Turning, Shaking their hips and twirling their hands. Men in the background drumming a nice beat to the movement of the girls. The beats that the men banged of their drums were loud.

The point of showing different cultures every week is to celebrate successfully and to learn other people 's culture  . Its also to get a taste of what its going to be like on the night at our schools 60th Fia Fia.
The dancing was beautiful ad now I cant wait for the actual  night to see all the students sharing their culture with pride.