Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Derelict House

It was a cold gloomy night, the leaves rustled and buffeted around everywhere.The wind howled and whistled through the trees and bushes. The street lights started to flicker on and off.  Me and Chrisy’s heart beat increased and our hands started to sweat. We sprinted down the road. It was a dead end and we were now standing outside a dark old rusty house, with grimy shattered glass and vines that grew up to the roof. Floorboards that stuck up and rusty roofing. All hid behind a rusty old fence that had spikes on the top .

“Adventure”  nervously yelled Chrisy lets go. Butterflies fluttered around in our stomach. Slowly approaching the door we started to  hesitate. “Come on screeched Chrisy”. I take one more step and my heart rate increases. I look back and forth then side to side. I take another step. Runn!! scarderly yelled Chrisy... I  sprinted to the door it slammed close behind us. Baaam!!. I started to run out of breath. Big Pictures all surrounded by me . I walk crreeeck! What was that........ I followed the noise to a dark freezing cold room. I crept closer and closer. I saw a huge old antique box sitting in the corner. I walked closer “Chrisy come here.” ‘What is it” Chrisy replied. I found a box its huge and looks like a chest” And like a flash Chrisy sprinted to me. We walked closer. Bammmmm!!! it was just a bat swarming above our  me and Chrisy’s hands were shaking . Crreeeek! As we walked on a creecky floorboard. I leaned over to open the box. My hands were sweating. With a little turn of the dark cold black key that layed in the keyhole the box opened. Old papers, documents, torn photos  a will and a note saying ‘Hi i'm Ally i'm 15y ears old I killed my best friend it was a accident  didn't mean to!!! ‘Lets take this down to the police and quick this house is giving me the shivers.” We sprinted to the police station handing over all the papers and documents and photos but especially the will and the note that was found. 

The Police found Ally she was now 32. She got sentenced to 20 years in jail. …..............Shes still in jail today for the murder of her best friend Katey.

Monday, 25 March 2013

The Auckland Blue's Trip

On Wednesday 30 pupils from our school were lucky  to go down to Dunkirk and learn skills and do a lot of drills with the Auckland Blues rugby team. We also got to meet players like Keven Mealamu, Piri Wepu, and Ali WIllams. It was a really really fun day for not only the students from some other schools but the blues had fun too.

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Monday, 18 March 2013

Stormy DAY !!!

Crash! The strong monstrous waves pounded the sand, The wind was howling and the seagulls were soaring. My hands were getting numb like frost bites. My lips turned purple. A foamy surge of sea rushed up the sand causing me to dip my foot into the icy cold water. “Brrrr” I started to shiver and my arms were covered in goose bumps. The rained smashed on my raincoat. I now knew today wasn’t gonna be a great day for a swim.

 Turned to head to the car park I fought against the strong wind .The wind whipping my face caused me to flinch.My legs were aching. Nooo! The wind was too strong. I gave up and like a flash of lightning the wind dragged me to the dark sea. Heeeeeeeeelppppp!..... I was now floating in the middle of the sea and shore was far away. I was just able to keep afloat. The waves started to increase in size. Swoosh!Crash! Boom! The waves pelted down on me. ‘HELP” I screamed but no one could hear me. I got dragged out further and further. I spotted a helicopter soaring high above lowering a ladder down to me. I was struggling to keep afloat. Suddenly , Drop! I started to drown It was too deep. I fainted.My body started to sink........ 

 Beep Beep Beeeeeeeeeep.! I saw my family all around me. Why were they crying I thought. I looked at my sister I tried to see what happened and why they were crying but turned out she couldn’t hear me. I ran to my brother and hopped right in front of him but he couldn't see me. I now knew I was just a spirit floating around the room - no one could hear me and no one could see me. I’m now just a lost ghost hovering just above the ground.

Friday, 15 March 2013

Mary, Asena And Roezala Movie

This is the movie that was created by Mary Asena and Me.  Our task was to plan create and share to our class our movie. Hope you Enjoy

Mary , Asena and Roezala Writting from Team 5 PES on Vimeo.

Friday, 8 March 2013

Jason (Phsyco) Suttie

Jason Suttie is a ex Muaythai fighter, Trainner, Gym owner, 6 time world Muaythai champion and many more.

Jason Suttie owns Elite thai kickboxing (ETK). He is also a trainner at the gym too. Jason is a champion figther . He is samoan and fights in the heavy weight cataergory. Jason began his Muay Thai in Thailand when he went on an exchange program in the seventh form. Outside Jason's academic scholarship studies in Thailand he spent his free time at a Muay Thai camp. Jason had his first Muay Thai fight up against a veteran of 40 fights - this was full Thai rules to 5 times three minutes rounds, elbows and knees to the head, punches, kicks; the whole deal. This fight came after only two months training and Jason went the distance losing only on points. The college where Jason was studying forbid him to fight again as they considered it to be too dangerous, however Jason did manage to sneak out for an amateur boxing fight which he won with a second round TKO.

Former owner of ETK im honoured that I get to train with the very best and for him to be in my corner when i fight.