Thursday, 19 December 2013

Its Officaly the Holidays!!!

Soo its offically the holidays  and Im soon a college student.
Hope everybody has a safe Christmas and a Happy New Year. Thanks to all my teachers , Mrs Burt and Mr Burt for everything. You guys rock. Also thanks  for all the oppertunitys I have had over the past 2 years. All you guys will truely forever be in my heart.

Keep watching my blog to see what I get up to in the holidays.

Merry Christmas and A happy New Year :)

Thursday, 12 December 2013

Netbook and Learning Reflection

How has having a netbook connected to the internet helped my learning this year?

This year has been an awesome year for me personally with my netbook, I’ve learned and improved so much over the  past year. For example in the beginning of the year my reading age was 13, now I read at 14.5, because all the weeks spent in literacy with Ms Lagitupu ,reading online articles for our  reading tasks and using google to research what we were learning about. In maths i’ve improved  thanks to our online sites that act like tutors such as Maths whizz and XtraMath and all our strategy problems on our classes online  site.

I’ve learnt how to do technical skills, such as using creative commons to licence my work, do a whole heap of things in Imovie and many more. Most of my learning this year on my netbook were with a partner ,and I’ve picked up a lot of technical skills from all the other kids that have had there netbook longer than me. I’ve also learnt a lot by myself at home, researching things when i'm being noisy about a specific event or person and posting on my blog in the holidays trying to improving my writing.

I’ve had such a great successful year, I’ve learnt and improved so much and I love being able to use a my netbook and technology connected to the internet. I’m pretty upset that next year I wont be taking my netbook but I will be taking a different device  to college but i'm also happy that where im going we use google docs and everything that I did this year so that means I can still keep my blog I just need to transform it over to my new school next year.

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Camp !!!@ Keswick Rotorua

Camp Was Awesome!! 

For me I really liked Swimming in the Blue lake and Creason creek, Staying up late gossiping and getting to know my  room mates more. Swimming at the Kauira Pools,the Agrodome and watching movies late at night.

The food there wasn't that great but hey ,It was something. Each group had duties, Washing the dishes, setting up, or serving. We shared the dinning room with other schools and the first night it was really loud.

The walking was alright but the only thing was that when we walked around the blue lake it was raining.Walking around the thermal wonderland was pretty cool looking at craters and mudpools. 

The Ludge
The Ludge was soo AWESOME. I loved trying to race and overtake my friends on the way down. At first I was nervous to go on but after my first ride I couldn't wait to go on again. I went down two times because I won an extra ludge ticket for fitness on Tuesday morning. On the way up back to the ludge it was funny watching Ms V(Daisy ) screaming because she's scared of heights. We kept telling Miss to open her eyes but she wouldn't. I absouletly loved the ludge and the gondola that took us up.

My Group.
I was in a group called the Originators. Our team leader was Raenan and our Parent was Marleen, Serena's mum. In our group there was  Me,Ashleigh, Shoal, Mary I, Eleva, Raenan, Gabriel and Patrick.Our group was pretty awesome.

The Agrodome
The Agrodome was just amazing, The show was hilarious and the sheep were so well trained. My favourite sheep's were Merino and Drysdale. The dogs were well trained too doing tricks like spinning around on the stage and many more. The nursery was sooo amazing touching,holding,and feeding the baby animals. I held a black baby lamb and feed some other baby lambs. I also saw a deer that looked like baby Bambii.

Swimming was sooo cool. At creason creek the water was nice and warm. A group of kids swam there and it felt like a spa pool. We also swam at the blue lake when it was raining at it was really cold but still a lot of fun jumping of the pontoon. At kuira pools we had a blast jumping of the trampoline into the pool and just hanging out with all our friends. I know the girls had a blast jumping together taking photos.

My Cabin
Our cabin got named the " Popular Cabin"  for the music blasting and having a lot of visitors in our cabin when it was free time. It was fun staying up late gossiping with the girl's and I feel camp made me  know more about the girls I slept with. In our cabin there was Me, Rita, Ash, Shoal, Jaz and Seno. 

Late night movies.
Late night movies were really relaxful. The last 2 nights of camp we watched movies, the first night Pitch perfect then the next the Avengers. This was were we all just get warm in our blankets get together and watch movies and have fun with each other . Some people watched the movie and some people were falling asleep.

I loved our final camp! It was pretty AWESOME .Spending time with the year 8's before we all leave next year for college. KESWICK CAMP WAS PRETTY AWESOME!!!.

Monday, 9 December 2013

Camp Keswick Day 1!!

Day 1 @ Camp Keswick!!!

We all arrived at 8:30 in the morning with a huge smile on our faces all eager to get on the bus. After the roll and a Korero from Mr Burt we all rushed with our bags on the bus. Then we hit the road. Our first stop on the way down to Rotorua was at a lake. We stopped to have our lunch and some fresh air. At the lake we played with rocks down by the water and some of us even found some mussels. Soon we all hopped on the bus ready to go on another stop at a dam were we saw huge gold fishes and walked on a bridge surrounded  by water. We finally arrived at Camp Keswick were got organized into our cabins and had a little time to chill out. We then got on the bus and travelled to a mountain were we did a 3.8 km walk some people ran. When we walked everybody was complaining because Mr Barks said there was no uphill  yet there were and he said it was only a short walk ( 3.8!!) and on my way down the hills I rolled my ankle and but luckily Lorenz was there. Back at camp when we arrived back we had our showers some people went for a swim across the road and we got ready for dinner. For Dinner we had  Chicken casserole with steamed rice and glazed carrots. Dessert we had chocolate moose but our school didn't get any because the other schools that were there eat it all. After dinner we practised our prize giving dance then settled in our cabins ready for the next day.


Monday, 2 December 2013

My Year 8 Movie !!!

As this is the last year for me and many others that attend Point England school the year  8 students had to make a reflection of our time here at PES, as we are leaving each other departing in different ways next year. BRING ON COLLEGE !!!! I've been at this school for 2 years now and I  totally love it.
Here is my Year 8 movie... :)

Roezala Y8 movie from Team 5 PES on Vimeo.

Friday, 29 November 2013

My Writing Sample

I awoke to the intense roar of thunder, and blazing strikes of the treacherous lightning. I was snuggled in my cozy warm bed. Tossing and turning ,I struggled to fall asleep again. I closed my eyes and hoped that sooner or later I will go back to sleep

‘Jessica, Jessica, Jessica’ a voice spookley whispered. I curled up in my bed clutching the blankets as hard as I could. ‘Jessica ,Jessica ,Jessica’  The voice lured me out of bed. I slowly took one step onto the solid cold wooden floor. Anxiously I  scardedly followed  the voice. I creeped down the staircase  and listened carefully to where the voice was coming from.

Creeeek! as I opened the door that lead down into the old basement. By candle light I creeped down through all the cobwebs . BAMMM! the door slams and the candle blows out. Panicking I run up the stairs and try to open the door. Petrified I yank and yank the door handle. “Help Somebody please help” I screamed.

I hear footsteps coming closer and closer, I yank the door handle again and again but It just won't open at all. My heart starts beating really fast while the footstep comes closer and closer.
I try one more time to open the door. ARRRRRRRGHHHHHH!

Whatever or whoever this was dug its sharp long nails into my back. I cried while the mysterious creature scratched me all over my face and back. Blood dripped from my face . Blood oozed from my back.I screamed as loud as I could “Help please somebody Help”
It was too late !  My clothes were soaked while I laid in a pool of my own blood.

“Jessica Jessica Jessica , Wake up sweetie” My mum stood in front of me with a huge smile, I dazed outside the window and the sun was out shining bright as usual. I run into the bathroom and look in the mirror. “No blood!, Huh” I wondered. With a huge sigh of relief I run down stairs into the kitchen ready for another beautiful day.

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

My Maths Problems!!!

Question 1: An addition problem using decimals (to the hundredths)

In long jump the womens world record is  13.45, the record for men is 19.81, How much further is the men's record from the woman's ?

Questions 2: A subtraction problem using decimals (to the thousandths)  
Not where you can use partitioning.

Ayla had a 2.25 liter bottle of sprite. She drank her drink and found out she only had 1.11 liters left. How much did she drink?

Question 3: A multiplication strategy using  decimals.
There are 10 people all wanting the new sports drink. The drink has 3.8 litres inside. If they add up all the litres of drink from every persons bottle how much litres of drink is there?

Question 4: A division problem (Sharing out) using decimals
I have  8.5 meters of wood that need to be cut up into 15  (.56cm) piecescd\
Have I got enough wood?

Question 5: There are 30 puplis in the class. 5 children aren't swimming and this is 1/6thof the class . How many children are swimming?

Question 6: A proportions/ratio problem
For every 5 girls at the swimming pool there are 3 boys. If there is 96 people at the swimming pool how many boys are there?

Thursday, 21 November 2013

Maths Staregy

 Julia is an artist. She has been painting a huge mural for the town centre. For the main colour she used a 20 litre pail of white mixed with a 10 litre pail of blue. Unfortunately she ran out of paint before she finished the mural. She thinks that she will only need 6
more litres in total to finish. How much blue and white paint does she need to mix up to get the 6 litres of paint she needs that is exactly the same colour she has been using?

30 dived by 5= 6
20 dived by 5= 4
10 dived by 5 = 2
4+2 = 6 litres of paints.

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Roezala and Brooklyn's Maths Strategy

1. The world record for throwing a cellphone in 2012 was 102.68 metres. James attempted to beat the record but only managed to throw 97.89m. How much was he short by?
97.89 + ?= 102.68
97.89+ .11 = 98.0
98+ 4.68 = 102.68
.11 + 4.68 = 4.79

2. Teams are allowed up to 14 players in the touch competition. If there are 168 players altogether how many teams are there?

14x 10=140
28 divided by 14= 2
10+2 = 12

3. Tiaki is fixing part of his fence. The pickets he needs are .68m long each. How many metres of timber does he need to cut up 45 pickets?
.68m x 10= 6.8
6.8 x 2=13.6- (this is 20 pickets)
i need another 25 pickets
6.8x 40=27.2
then I need 5 more pickets so I half the amount of what 10 pickets are.
half or 6.8 = 3.4
27.2 +3.4 = 30.6

4. Sammie measured the distance from his bedroom door to the lounge and it was 5.2m.  It was an extra 2.9 to the couch. What was the total distance from his bedroom to the couch?
5.2m +2.9 =?
5.2+. 9= 6.1
6.1+ 2= 8.1

Monday, 18 November 2013

Maths Startegy 2!!!

In the hop, skip and jump (Triple Jump) the record for  men is 18.29m where as the record for women is 15.5m. How much longer is the men’s record than the women’s.

15.5 + ?=18.29

15.5 + .5= 16.0
16.0+ 2.29 =18.29

.5+ 2.29=

15.5 +7.29= 18.29

Maths Strategy!!!

1. Trevor has to drive 422 km’s. He looks at his odometer and sees he has gone 289kms. How much further has he got to go?

422- 289 = ?
289+ ?= 422

289 +1= 290
290+10= 300

1+10+122= 133

My Freinds!!

My friends are just amazing! I have so many memories with my friends, Laughing and giggling till the home time bell and smiling and talking to each other all day. My friends Britney, Asena, Moala, Tui, Jazmine, Mary and Ali are just the best. We all have soo many things in common one is we all absolutely love to laugh and Smile.

One of my best memory with Britney, Mary,Sena and Moala will have to be when we sit in our  classroom bay and laugh really hard the whole of lunch. They are all amazing, pretty, hilarious and they all know me really well.

Ali is amazing we have soo many things in common like we both are 12 we both love food , we love to laugh and we both do kickboxing. Ali is so amazing she is pretty, outgoing, energetic, hilarious, quiet,and just awesome. My favourite memory with Ali was when we went to Sylvia park  and we were stuffing our faces with food. We were walking down the escalator and tripped. I fell on one of the escalator steps and she started cracking up.  Although I only meet Ali this year it feels like I’ve known her forever.

Tui and Jasmine are really both loving, caring and funny.
Tui is loud and amazing , she has dry jokes at times but its funny when she cracks up at her own jokes. She is nice and she is just stunning My most precious memory with Tui was sitting in creative strand mocking each other and also doing the pukana at each other in kapa haka.

Jazmine is tall, kind hearted, she was in my netball team and she is  very pretty. We are both in Kapa Haka and we both went Waitangi. Jazmine is outgoing and really funny, we both laugh at Tui when she laughs at her own dry jokes. Me and Jazzy’s best memory is mocking girls on the netball court and how we were at Waitangi and I was on her tablet trying to figure out how to play Candy Crush.

My friends are all amazing and I love them for who they are. They are truly the best ever.

Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Jungle Story

The feeling of anxiety rushed through me as I walked carefully through the dark, gloomy forest. Tangled vines drooped down, trees stood strong all clustered together and I could hear rustling on the ground where dead leaves lay.  I was on a journey to the find the majestic blue parrot. It had been said that there was only two of its kind left. I need to find that bird I just need to, I thought to myself. So mind over matter I became determined to find it.

I struggled walking through the cluttered forest. I was exhausted and I didn’t know how I could make it easier for myself to find this bird. I tired everything I could but it was impossible. So now it’s time for operation bribe. I set up traps and left food lying around for the bird to eat, hopefully it would lure the bird in.

After weeks full of traps and searching still I had no sign, and I was getting frustrated, grumpy and annoyed. I was itching to find this majestic parrot. I felt like giving up, but thinking about all the effort I have put in just to give up now!.


Tuesday, 29 October 2013

My own Mihi

Kia ora tatou, kua hui mai nei ,  tenei huihuinga , ki te ako I  Te reo Maori
Greetings to us all,  Who have gathered here , to this gathering , to learn The  Maori language .

te aroha,  kanui te koa to, mo  koutou kaingakau, ki te hapai i te reo Maori
the love ,   great is the happiness, for your interest commitment to uplift the Maori language

e pa ana ki tenei hui
concerning  this gathering

No reira tena koutou, tena koutou, tena ra tatou katoa
Therefore greetings once, greetings twice, greetings again to us all.

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Auckland VS Syria

As the aroma of my mothers cooking travelled throughout my house, I exhaustedly got out of my cozy, warm bed. I lazily dawdled  to  the kitchen table and all I could hear were my siblings disputing. “Typical” I whispered to myself. I sat down at the table and right in front of my eyes were plenty of food . Today was going to be great. I thought to myself.

It was a freezing cold morning. I didnt have any warm clothes and it was biting cold. Nothing but one thin, scrawny blanket to keep me warm. My stomach grumbled. I was starving and there was absolutely nothing to eat. I sadly knew today was going to be, yet another dreadful day

Mid day in Auckland

The bell rang and everyone rushed out side. It was lunch time. I sat down in the shade with a full packed lunchbox . I slowly ate my lunch and giggled with my friends. The second bell rang and we all  sprinted to the field. The scorching hot sun shone down on me. What A nice day to relax and talk to my friends

The sun shone down  on me it was so hot . I was exhausted. I walked around the streets searching for food for my family. While my little brother cried. I walk around the streets desperate. Food here is scarce and I hate seeing my family upset. I carry on trying to provide for my family.

Night in Auckland

I come home to dinner cooking. Mmmmmmm. I turn my TV on and watch my favourite programmes. After dinner i snuggle up into my warm cozy pj’s. I crawl into bed. My mum pulls my covers up onto me and  kisses me goodnight.

Its night time. Its dark cold and freezing. I get ready for bed. My family pray for food and good health. I lay on the freezing cold ground, No insulation , No blankets and no warm clothes. I cry myself to sleep, Hoping tomorrow will be a nice day and bless us with food.

Monday, 21 October 2013

My 5 Top Dream Jobs!!!! :)

1!!!- PRO MUAYTHAI FIGHTER. (Kick boxing )
Why- Because we travel a lot and get to meet new people.
       - Because Women need to prove that we are stronger then men( AND WE ARE)
      - Because I love this sport and I grew up with it
     - Because I want to be world CHAMPION one day and have a lot of belts.

What do I need to make it in this sport  - I need a fighters Heart , Passion and Drive
                                                             -Determation, Dedication ,


2!!! Lollie Tester
Because  I Love Lollies
I love Sweet Things
Im a lollieholic

3!!! Plane attendant.
I love travelling
I love planes

4!!! Getting paid for testing iPhone's , laptops and all the new technology
Because i love phones even though I don't have one
I like apps and playing games on phones
Because i LOVE Love love TECHNOLOGY.

5!!! Own all the theme parks in the world.
Because I love to seek thrill
I absolutely  love theme parks.

E-ncourages Me to be the best I can be
N-oisy and Nice

Asena Is The Best :) <3
I love my friend Asena

What In The World Is Going On!!! Puppets Puppets Puppets !!!

What in the Puppet World is going on? Let’s go and find out!

It has been that a number of the amazing Muppets and Sesame Street crew such as Miss Piggy , Cookie Monster, Elmo, Bert, Ernie, Fozzie Bear and Kermit the frog have been surprisingly donated to the National Museum of American History in Washington. Over twenty of Jim Henson’s puppets and props have been donated on the anniversary of Jim Hensons Birthday.

The lovely diva Miss Piggy will be on view for a exhibition in Early 2014 and the other muppets and sesame street characters will be displayed in November. The collection won’t be on display immediately as they need to be repaired in the museum’s conservation lab. The museum’s senior costumes keeper, Suna Park Evan., and executive director of The Jim Henson Legacy, Bonnie Erickson, are working together to make these repairs.

This Has been Asena and Roezala reporting from Point England School Bringing your Puppet news.
Ka Kite

Friday, 18 October 2013

Mahia's Mural

Mahia is an artist. She has been commissioned to paint a mural on wall of a company's warehouse. The company wants the mural to be abstract (not representational) and they want it to show the colours of their company logo. They have specified it needs to have 1/3 blue,  1/6 red, 1/12 yellow, 1/12 white 1/12 purple and 1/4  green. They want it to have 2 lines of symmetry (reflection)  and  a rotating and translating pattern somewhere.

This is the mural I made.

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

My DLO Reflection

Roezala, Mary and Hope and Moala from Team 5 PES on Vimeo.

Positives: The fact that it was about an event in history made me enjoy it even more. Learning about the twin towers itself before starting was enjoyable. A positive was that we completed our movie and that we conveyed the emotions of sadness, loss and sympathy. I was happy that we also used a lot of different images that we made and not off the internet. I was also happy that the music i had suited the vibe of the movie.  I enjoyed trying to make some of my groups ideas reality even though I Thought we could of have done a lot better. It was also neat learning about the emotion that children felt towards losing their parents. But overall I loved watching and editing our final project and seeing it along with a lot of great DLO’s on Friday.

Minus/things to work on: I didn't like that some of my ideas that I really wanted to do to make my movie more effective didn’t happen. I also didn’t like that we were in our uniform for the characters where we should have been in mufti. I think the sound in the background needed improving and not using the same picture again. Sometimes our voiceover didn’t quite match the footage. So we think there were quite a few things we could have tweaked just to make it better. The next time I think we could just work a lot more and focus about getting our movie perfect.

Interesting: I found the emotion of the kids really interesting and finding out how they feel. Another thing I found really interesting was how many children under the age of 18 lost a parent.

Overall I loved the finished product and I'm really happy about it.  I had a lot of fun making my movie with 2 great girls.

Monday, 12 August 2013

Training- My Bike !!

The shone sun down and it just  hit 11:20 but training starts at 12. Like a dash I rushed outside all ready for what my trainers have coming for us today. I jumped on my bike and as fast as I could I peddled to Otahuhu. The bright sun shone down on my face and the calm breeze gently blew.

I had just arrived right on time. Only four of us turned up but they were all twice my age. Katie, Wayne,Remigius and I knew we were in for some torture and  with a cheeky smile our trainer Mike laughed “Sunday Funday”. We ran around the field 5 times but by the 3rd one I was puffed from already riding my bike up the hills to get to training. We had just finished our laps and I was exhausted . That was only a warm up. “Ready for the hills now”.

The actual training had just began. Beep Beep Beeep alarmed the timer , Off we went. Pushing up Victor our other trainer to the very top of the steep hill.
I ran down and again ,up we went.  We had a quick rest just shadow boxing for a few minutes then straight back into it doing it again another 2 more times till we move on to the next one.

“Next drill” . I knew this drill will be a killer . I grabbed the “6 kg medicine ball and threw it up the hill.  I sprinted to where the ball landed and then straight away burpied on the ball. Throw it up again till I reach the cone. Back down i ran with the ball. Wobbling down I felt like I was gonna fall flat on my face.

Last but not lease sprints. One of us has to be hitting the pads while the other one sprints 4 times there and back there and back. I sprinted first  when i was down I swapped with katie and it was her turn to sprint. We did this 3 time till finally we were done and dusted. With relief I ran to my drink bottle gulping down all the water in my bottle.

I jumped back down on my bike luckily this Time I get to go down hill. The wind wasn't so gentle anymore riding down the hill the wind whipped my face but I was in a rush it was now 1:40 and I was gonna be late for the warriors game that started at 2. “Oh what another challenge “

Such an exhausting day riding to training then doing hills and then riding home yet to go to the warriors game.

Sunday, 11 August 2013

Open Day at Rangitoto College !!!

Wow! as soon as I reached the top of the concrete stairs that lead to the audotoruim all I could think was OMG this is a massive school. This could be my college there is a possibility that I'm going to be a pupil here.  With shock and butterflies in my stomach I  sat down.

There was a nicely dressed man in a suit standing with a group of people. He looked at me with a big smile and suddenly he walked over to me.  "David Hodges principle of Rangitoto college, he said."
"What school do you go to" " Point England" I happily said. "WOOW! Do you know I was the principle of Tamaki college before'." Ok if your really serious about coming to Rangitoto Ill make it happen anything for my girl'. With extreme happiness I smiled from one ear to the other. 

It was finally Tour time. We got partnered up with these two very kind girls showing us all around shcool showing us all the departments Music, Science, Maths, Socila Study rooms, Their Gyms. WOWW!! was all I thought I love this school already.  After the beautiful tour we got taken to the libary for all the information packs.

I walked in the libary and and walked out with alot of panflets and a prosictive . When i walked in I staright away went to the uniforms and staright away i loved it.  Year 9-10 wear blue uniforms and Year 11-12 wear red uniforms and year 13's wear mufti. I walked arounfd to the sports side and there were so many sports to choose from.

I was soooo impressed with Rangitoto college that I really really want to go there next year. I was also happy that we get to bring our own devices to school. They also have google docs there too. YESS! I really hope that next year I'll be going to Rangitoto.

Friday, 9 August 2013

My Creative Strand reflection

Yellow Hat - I loved learning and creating designs. My personal favourite was using the carving tools to carve out my design.

Black Hat - I didn't like that we had to do a reflection other than finishing things of.

Green Hat - I found the names and the patterns very interesting finding out the meaning and trying to pronounce it. I found the ink and its sound quite interesting.

White Hat - What did I learn?  I learned how to draw Samoan designs and I also learnt how to use a carving knife.

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Im Doing Math!!

During the holidays I thought it would be great still learning and growing my knowledge. I decided to do some maths whizz in the holidays. I also found some old maths worksheets I didn't finish of last year soo I thought that I should do them to. Its not much I do 2 lessons a day its not much but every bit of learning counts.

Happy Holidays.

King In the Ring (Part 2)

Its 5:30 pm and the lines have already qued up. Right here at the Kohimarama ASB Stadium people are already lining up waiting to cathc a glimpse of kickboxing at its best. It hits 6 and everyone is seated the MC steps in the ring. Calling out the oppents each fight goes by.

The 8 man was very hard having great fighters in the comp. 2 were from my Gym ETK in penrose. Victor and Edwin. Victor won his first fight in the qulafying rounds but had a war getting dazed and knocked down but like a solider got back up and kept going hard in the semi's. Edwin wining his first fight and then wining his semi fight ending with a cracked rib, but getting ready for his last fight seeing who gets the title "King in The Ring".

And Your king figthing out of the blue corner "Dan Hooker"  Baamm lights shone done on the guy that took the battle out. Confettii drifting down and the crowd rowaring and cheering.Unlucky Edwin got knocked out with a nice boby rip from Dan were he had already cracked his rib.

Oh what a great night of fights.... I saw some real talent and all the dedacation our men have for this lovely sport. Packed and  Enerjected are just some words thats discribed the atmospehre.The lights were beaming all around the Kohimarama Stadium.

It doesnt matter win or loss for our 2 warriors they tried their hardest and thats all that matters.

Friday, 12 July 2013

I am excited for King In The Ring !!!!

One more sleep until the night I have been waiting for.Kickboxing at its very finest.King of the ring is just around the corner and what a perfect way to start of my holidays with some action packed battles.

 King in the ring is a 8 man eliminator event which showcases kickboxing at its best.Its were 8 men around the same weight battle it out to see who gets the belt and the title “King In the Ring”. Victor “Slick “Mechkov( Slick Vic) from my gym E.T.K is fighting for the belt and I really belive he can do it and win the title.Win or loss he will make us all proud no matter what happens out there.Im looking foward to all the talented men showcase their skills and talent and ofcourse me screaming and cheering form the top of my lungs.

 I am soo looking forward to these fights tomorrow night.I’ll be sitting with my gym mates screaming for everybody that fights. Oh What a great way to start the perfect school holidays.

Friday, 5 July 2013

The Untold Story of Cinderellahr!

Once upon a time in a magical, enchanted forest stood a towering white brick castle, where the King and his daughter Cinderellahr lived. Due to the loss of their mother Cinderellahr’s two stunning step sisters Ria and Liyla lived in the dusty dark cold cellar. Bossed around by their evil father the two girls cleaned and cleaned all day long. Dirty Rags and ripped clothing were all the girls wore while Cinderellahr was upstairs spoilt rotten with the latest clothing in town. It was the night of the royal ball in the neighbouring village. Prince Zayn was hosting the ball that everyone had been talking about for weeks and the night had finally arrived. One invitation had been delivered to Cindrellahrs house but it read ‘To Liyla” not to Cinderellahr. Rage rushed through Cinderellahr. She ran to Ria and told her the news...... Cinderellahrh and Ria got mental and were really jealous that only Liyla got to go.” ‘How did she get an invitation and why didn’t we. That’s not fair. We should wreck the party.” Angrily yelled Ria angrily “Yes we shall replied Cinderellahr”... The two girls planned to wreck the party and make the prince dance with them. It hit 10pm and Liyla got given a sparkly blue glamorous dress from her fairy godmother . Drove in a blue fancy cadillac and wore 2 blue sparkly stilettos that only she could fit. The two sisters wore camo. “Hurry up Cinderella” screeched Ria. They Jumped into their dads little cab and with high speed rushed down the hill drove over the bridge up another hill and Finally they were there right outside the castle. ‘Get out Get out yelled Cinderella” There were 2 strong looking bodyguards guarding the entrance to the castle where the ball was on. The two girls decided to walk around the castle to look for another way in. “ Look up there a window is open ” yelled Cinderellahr.” And there’s a ladder over there” replied Ria. They went over to the ladder and together they carried it to the window. Making there way up the ladder, they got into the room and realise that it was the prince's room. They got crazy and went through all of his stuff and looked every where in his room.When they finished the room was in a mess and things on the floor were broken and shattered.They brought back up clothes, Cinderellahr bought two dresses one for her and one for Ria. Ria wore a white short dress and Cinderellahr wore a pink short dress with a black bow. The two rushed down stairs The prince saw Cinderellahr and like a dash ditched Liyla and danced with Cinderella. Liyla and Ria were angry and jealous. “Oh who cares we don't need him said Liyla”. ,”Yes we don't replied Ria”. Cinderellahr danced With Prince Zayn, The two step sisters danced together all night. Prince Zayn and Cinderella got married the two step sisters found prince’s of their own and they all lived happily ever after.THE END.

Our Healthy My Kitchen Rules Challenge!



Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Our Story Board!!!

On Monday Morning we had to make and plan a story board to make a trailer about our fairytales we wrote the week before with Miss Squires

Friday, 14 June 2013

Prospective Student!!!

Hanging and Dangling from the dangerous towering mountains I struggled to pull myself up. My muscles started to tighten . .Should i continue?,Should I keep going?, but with determination I pulled myself up . Exhausted and drained I persevered my treacherous journey...

My eyes lit up. The dojo was standing right in front of my eyes. And with relief I rushed to the huge solid door.  Dauntingly I knocked on the door that might be the start of my next journey. Creeck! as the the hefty door opened.There the Sensei Stood tall and strong with a penetrating stare . With apprehension I nervously  bowed down to the powerful man that stood dead still front of me.

The Sensi pointed to the side. My head dropped My shoulders shrugged and my heart was crushed. I took a deep breath and with hope I tried again. I got down and found inner peace meditating day and night. The huge door that I have been meditating in front had opened,But still Sensi pointed away. Rage was rushing through me now and I was now to the point that I kicked the door opened and showed Sensi what I have.

He pointed to a sign reading “Please use the side entrance”. I curled up with embarrassment thinking “aaaa duhh “ Isn't climbing up the treacherous rocky slope a challenge and with embarrassment and relief I walked into the dojo.

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Weet Bix VS Nutri grains

We have been comparing 2 common cereals to see which one is better. So we made this Ven diagram and presentation to back up our learning. We investigated the differences of weet Bix and Nutri Grain. This presentation was made by Alexandria, Tui and I. But Nurti grain is still my personal Favourite.

Monday, 10 June 2013

Alive and Kicking 2

It was a calm and warm mid day. People were already gathering into the Rec- centre in Pukekohe to catch a glimpse of kick boxing at its very finest. Alive and KiIcking 2 was finally here. As fighters were getting ready, chairs were filling fast, and I was right there ringside catching all the action on my sisters tablet.

My team mates that I have been training with, were getting ready. Chey Chey (La chey) , Katie, Wayne and Sop were all in the red corner with my other gym ETK.  “Fighting out of the red corner from Wild Stables... Chey Meridith!” announced the MC. I was right there next to the ring screaming and cheering as loud as I could.  “GO CHEY”! I shouted. She was now in the ring ready for round 1 to begin.

“Fight!” yelled the ref.  Straight away into action, Chey head kicked the girl. Punch, Punch, Kick!.
Chey was obviously winning. Two rounds later and the fight had finished. The winner was obvious. “Your winner fighting out of the red corner Chey” Yay!. All  our team mates and her family cheered. We were back in our changing rooms. Congrats were said here and there.

I met up with my boy bestie he was also my fight buddie and we started  to play a game waiting for our fight of the night to come on. We got ice cubes and wrapped them up in tin foil rushing around hiding from each other and throwing the balls that we made.. It was a blast running around chucking balls at each other. Now I got several bruises all over my body.

It was finally the fight we have been waiting for Babe Nanseen vs Joe. A women fight.
The two very strong women were face to face in the ring all alone just the two of them. The crowed cheered and roared. Round 1 fight!  The first round was really close. Round 2 and Babe came out as a beast knocking her down giving her  punches to the face and just dominating her opponent. But being Joe she kept fighting and took some big hits. Third and final round Fight!.
Babe kept punching her in her face baamm! and joe was on the ground. She stood up. Ding! saved by the bell.

What a great night of stacked fights.I had a blast....