Friday, 28 December 2012

My Christmas Recount

"Wake up Zala ,Wake up", screeched my sister. Its Christmas hurry up.

I woke up rushed to the Christmas tree. Mum,Dad Sister,Brother and Uncle all around the tree.
Lets open up the presents.

My turn came up. I got 2 pairs of shorts, A go pro camera, A tripod for my camera and a microphone for my interviews.I also got a case for it and a Speaker and a chess harness  for my camera to go on my chess.

Lunch time was spent at My Mums side. we had a lovely lunch mostly made out of salads roast and savouries. To top that off desert came Ice- cream and Jelly while we watched Laughing Samoan's funny chokers.

For dinner we headed off to my Dads side of the family and had a lovely dinner there. I opened my present and I got Favourites and an Android Tablet. Lastly we ate trifle and vanilla ice cream.Now it was just time to hang and relax with my family and enjoy that delightful day.



Monday, 10 December 2012

Net book Reflection 2012

This year was my first year with My Netbook. Throughout the year I have enjoyed using my Netbook rather then pen and paper. My first year with my Netbook has been great. I love the fact that our Net books let the teacher see our work easier on her Dashboard. I like how we can take our Netbooks home . Our Netbook provides new technology  that some pupils can't get at home.
If I'm sick at home I can still do what my class is doing because of the class site.I can catch up with what my class is doing .
The thing I enjoy doing the most on my net book is posting on my blog and looking at other people's blog.
Our net books helps us for the future when we go to work and when we will be introduce to a lot of new technology in our future. Another positive thing about our Netbooks is  how fast we can search things up for our Inquiry topics. 
The only thing that's a minus is sometimes our internet connection plays up. This year has been a pleasure using a Netbook because last year at my old school the only source of technology we used were Multi media's Once a week in the ICT suite.

Monday, 3 December 2012

Toy Plan

This is my toy plan

Team Building

Last Thursday The Year 7 students did Team Building while the year 8's went to tech and had transitions.  The teachers set up  task's for us to do.
Our first task was to build a Christmas tree and we only had news paper,8 colourful paper,tape,scissors,1 meter of tinfoil, a piece of string and 2 fruit burst. How ever our tree had to have at least 4 branches and traditional Christmas tree decorations. Our Group worked well together.
When we were finished we had to stand around our tree and sing a carol.

The purpose of team building was to work together and for people to stand out to be next years Prefect.
My favourite part of team building was working together to make a Christmas tree.