Friday, 12 October 2012

SMAC Presents Agoge 2

On Saturday the  first week of the holidays I went to SMAC out in Manurewa as they were hosting Agoge 2. The show was about youth doing kick boxing.  I went to go support my team members Abel and Jack.  (Our Gym is called ETK ) There were 8 year old all the way up to 14 .The fights were all modified thai boxing rules except for the Main Event were it was IFMA  Full thai rules  meaning knees and Elbows.  I hung out with all my other team mates Auri, Teariki and Able and Able's little 1 year old sister Bella. I walked one of my team mate in His name was Jack. He won. I walked him in and stayed in his corner with Able. All the fights were really cool to watch.

Thanks Lady Smac  and SMAC Gym for the awesome show.

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Day 3 of My Holidays

Today  was another relaxing day.I played with my cat all day.My cat is big and chubby his name is Catchy or also known as Catch.He is a male cat and wears a blue collar.He is so fluffy and his fur is Grey and white.He likes to eat alot especially  his biscuits. At night he always comes and curls up in bed with me.My cat likes to play with strings and tries to catch birds a lot.I love my cat because he has a good personality but he can get annoying at night when he scratches my blankets.

Hopefully tonight we get to go visit  our Nana and Papa to see what they are up to this holiday....

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

My Brother Nytram

My crazy brother Nytram has black short but sometimes fuzzy hair that goes with his white skin. My brothers best accessory is his cheeky smile that he is wearing at home twenty four seven and that's when we know he did something wrong.

Guilty  for everything is what you can call my brother . Naughty all the time. here and there just so he can get his way. Trouble maker, making all my cousins cry even my little innocent sister. Although my brother is naughty and guilty for everything he is still cool to me.

Nytram loves to eat and eat and eat but never puts on weight .He is a huge game freak... Every day he plays on his Wii non stop for a couple of hours what a freak he is. Oh my gosh he is so annyoing and he loves to be an egg and annoys me every single day.

We love playing together. But most of all I love fighting and making him cry but we still just playing.He is so fun to spend a whole day with him and I wish I could every -day

I am so glad that my brother is still alive because when Nytram was two years old he didn’t have enough Iron in his body to survive. Now he is one of the best thing in my life and I’ll be devastated if he passed away.

Day 2 of My Holiday

Day 2

Today was a kickback day.A day just to relax and sleep in.
Today My Brother  and I just watched movies all day while my little sister was at daycare.
I didn't wake up till 10:30 am as I stayed up late the previous night.
Me and my  brother watched Alvin and the Chipmunks chip wreck.I highly recommend that you watch it if you haven't seen it before as it is a fun and hilarious movie for kids and all ages.

Tonight I cant wait to watch one of my all time favourite. Lemony Snicket A Series Of Unfortunate Events. A movie about a three children. The Baudelaires. It shows you what these children go through when there parents die in a fire and get resigned to living with there Unknown cousin Count Olaf.

Day 1 of My Holiday

Splash! As my brother feel in the rock pool down at the Pt England Beach.It was a scorching hot day.My Brother and I thought it would be a great day to go out and play in the water.We arrived down at the beach as my little sister ran down eager to go exploring and see what she could find.My little brother ran like a flash of lighting down on the rock ,as  slowly walked down to the clay bank. We played on the sand and My Dad wrote our names with a stick.We went exploring around the side. The tide was out, So we went down and walked out on the sandbar. We walked on the long rock and played on it.My Sister fell into the big rock pool.She was soaking wet. It was nearly time to go home but my sister ran on to the park.We played and played for 20 minutes.Sadly we had to  leave .

I cant wait for the rest of My Holidays.I am ready to Have a lot of fun.

League Prize giving 2012

Prize Giving 2012
Rugby league.

This Year I was happy to be apart of the Mount Wellington Warriors Rugby League Club. I played under 12's this year and I have been playing for Mount for 8years now. Our prize-giving was held on a Saturday inside the hall of our Club rooms. They Called up My team. Everybody got a trophy for their participation to our team and to our games. I went up and got mine. After a while there was only one trophy on the table for our team.It was a special award. It was for me. I went up to get it as it would be my last trophy for Mount because girls are not allowed to play Under 13's as they start competition. Prize giving carried on.Then it was home time.

The next day I go outside and see a package addressed to me. I quickly take it in side to see whats in it. It was a package from the Vodafone warriors. Inside was a envelope saying I have been awarded Best and Fairest of 2012. There were also other cool things inside.
There was a Warriors Plate with a fork and a spoon, A timer, A new Warriors Ball, Ice packs,A wrist Band,A ruler, An autograph book and 6 limited addition 2012 rugby league cards. The best Thing in the Package was a letter saying I get a season pass for 2013 and Its for free.I also get one for my dad tooo