Monday, 10 September 2012

The Block NZ

 Libby and Ben's House

libby and Ben 
Over the past few weeks I’ve been really interested in watching The Block NZ.The block NZ came on every Wednesday and Thursday from 7:30 - 8:30 pm on channel 3.There were 4 old run down houses  and only 10 weeks to complete them form inside and out. There were 4 couples.In house number one there were Rachel and Tyson. In house number two  Sarah and Richard,House number 3 Libby and Ben and last but not least in house number 4 Ginny and Rhys.  From the start I wanted Libby and Ben to win.Libby and Ben won the whole competition raising 961,00 thousand in auction making 157,000 in profit and winning the extra 8,000 thousand. I think that Libby and Ben’s house was the best on the Block . The houses were located in Takapuna North shore of Auckland 5 minutes away from the shopping center and 2 minutes away from the beach.Who wouldn’t love that.I am happy that Ben and Libby won and I  hope that there is a Block NZ next year.

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