Sunday, 30 September 2012

Little Red Riding Hood. Oshania and Roezala

Little Red Riding Hood
Once Upon a time,there was a little girl who lived in a village near the forest. When she went out, she always wore a red cloak. Therefore everyone called her Little Red Riding Hood. One morning Little Red Riding Hood asked her on and only mother if she could visit her old beloved grandma. "That's a great idea"her mother said . And they packed the treats and goodies. in the basket.

Remember go straight to grandmas house and don't talk to any strangers on the way.She trotted off but got distracted by some lovely flowers.She stopped to pick some up as she thought grandma will just adore them. Then she saw a big dark shadow emerging from the trees. It was a BIG FAT GIANT PIG! The pig could smell the goodies and treats from miles away. Suddenly the hung est pig popped out right beside her. 'What are you doing here" said the pig.  Well ,um I'm just delivering some treats to my grandma as she sprinted away. After hours of trudging through the forest she finally reached her distension ,Her grandmas house. Knock Knock but no-one replied.The door opened and out of nowhere she heard  Surprise! . Lots of fairy tales creatures and people were there. It was Red's Birthday. Cinderella,Snowhite and ,Sherk were there too.The giant fat pig was there as he planned the party, but he stayed in the corner scoffing down some food. They partied all day and they lived happily ever after.

Recreated by Oshania and Roezala

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Sapasui and Coco rice review

5kgs of Mince gently put in the pot. White vermicelli that looked like thin strings. The Rich soy sauce that poured into the pot like a gentle waterfall. Onions that made me cry.Peas that were so small and green. Oil that sizzled in our pot. Ginger and Garlic that made the smells travel all around our school. Rice that got mixed. Creamy coconut cream that poured on to the rice and the salt that got sprinkled in to the pot. The rice was dry but still yum. The sapasui melted in my mouth because it was so delightful.

The chefs
Ashin ,Moala,Raenan,Alex,Kitiona,Oshania,Te Rina, Jessica and Me

I sat on the chefs table.But I served.I was suprised that no one was silly at the table and it was good to see everyone geting along and just having fun.

Monday, 10 September 2012

New Zealand's Got Talent

Last night I watched the first episode of New Zealand's got talent. The judges are  Rachel Hunter, Jason Kerrison and UB40's Ali Campbell. It was a really good show. There was a man who shoved a sword down his mouth but sJ Geeks.adly he didn't make it through.There were a lot of singers and dancers even  cultural dances but my favourite of all time were the J Geeks because of there dance and costume.

J Geeks.....

On the link above you  can watch the J Geeks performance.

The Block NZ

 Libby and Ben's House

libby and Ben 
Over the past few weeks I’ve been really interested in watching The Block NZ.The block NZ came on every Wednesday and Thursday from 7:30 - 8:30 pm on channel 3.There were 4 old run down houses  and only 10 weeks to complete them form inside and out. There were 4 couples.In house number one there were Rachel and Tyson. In house number two  Sarah and Richard,House number 3 Libby and Ben and last but not least in house number 4 Ginny and Rhys.  From the start I wanted Libby and Ben to win.Libby and Ben won the whole competition raising 961,00 thousand in auction making 157,000 in profit and winning the extra 8,000 thousand. I think that Libby and Ben’s house was the best on the Block . The houses were located in Takapuna North shore of Auckland 5 minutes away from the shopping center and 2 minutes away from the beach.Who wouldn’t love that.I am happy that Ben and Libby won and I  hope that there is a Block NZ next year.