Thursday, 30 August 2012

Roezala and Jessica I Cross Country Writing

Cross Country.......

It was a beautiful sunny day. There were loads of  kids all lining  up to race in our schools annual Cross Country which was held on Friday. Mr Burt called up the 12 year old girls. As I approached the starting line my belly started to tingle. I felt like I had butterflies in my stomach    fluttering non stop.

Bang’! went the clippers in Mr Burt’s hand. We ran off knowing that  there would only be 8-9 spots to get  in to the inter zones. ‘Run and don’t give up I whispered in my head.’reminding me of the song Run baby Run.

‘Hold up Dante wait for me’ I screeched. I caught up to Toreka and asked her are we  nearly there yet? “No” Toreka replied, we're not even close to half way’. “Are you serious I said”, “Yes I am”,  replied Toreka as she passed me with a fast sprint.

Squishy,slimy,thick,gross are some words to describe the mud that oozed in our shoes and splashed up our legs.The mud was  heavy like sumo wrestlers on our backs. We couldn’t lift our legs without struggling .’Oh no here comes a corner ‘ as I slipped through the muddy bush walk.
Clinching on to one another trying to keep balance and not slip of the of the path.

Coming out of the bush walk to tamaki I finally saw Ms Squires,Run girls you're doing a great job and remember champions never give up.Tyla saw  me she sprinted to catch up.We finally did our last lap to the finish line it was so close. We started to sprint to the  finish line,  as a huge crowd of Pt Englanders shouted ‘goooooo’.

Heart pounding,Seeing that finish line I sprinted like a flash of lightning.My legs could’nt take it anymore they started to tighten up and felt like I couldn’t run but I still pushed and pushed till the end.I crossed that line and my shoulders felt much ligther a huge relifef for me.I ran to cross the line and straight away I fell to the ground like jelly .Trying to catch my breath back , I was completly exhausted .

Cross country was finally over. Phew’. I can’t wait until next year to do it all over again at our schools next annual cross country.

Friday, 10 August 2012

Harold Life Education Caravan

Over the last two weeks my class got to go to the life education caravan three time. Over  those sessions I learnt about making good choices and what can happen to my body if I make bad desscions and what consquences are.One thing I learnt was that smokes have 4000 chemicals in them and If you smoke your gambling with your own life, you can even lose your foot,finger or even your tongue.I even  learnt about alcohol and the consequences of it.

Thursday, 2 August 2012



It was a very sunny day. On the 26h of July was our first basketball lesson  with our instructors Shay and Ty.

We learnt five Teqnices passing,pivoting,jump stops, one two and dribbling. First  we learnt how to jump stop. We ran to the line and jumped on it landing with our knee's bent,then we had to pivot and run back to tag our partners.Then we did a one two. It was similar to the jump stop but we just had to step two times after we stopped on the line. Finally  we added the ball. We did the same Teqnices and we also learnt how to dribble. Lastly we did some passing drills meaning we either had to bounce pass, chess pass or a over head pass to our partner.

Towards the end of our lesson    we finally got to play a little game of ball tiggy. I cant wait for our next session to learn some more drills with our amazing tutours