Friday, 27 July 2012

The Olympic Flag

I wonder what are the six colours on the flag ? White,Red,Blue,Green,Black and Yellow are the Six Colours of the rings that interlock on the Olympic Flag.

People believe that the six colours have a meaning Blue representing  Europe, Black representing Africa, Red representing America, Yellow for Asia and Green For Oceania however some people believe that all the colors represent all nations. Pierre de Coubertin the founder of the modern Olympics was said to found the Olympic flag on an altar stone.

London 2012 Olympic Games

Just one more day until the London Olympic Games,how exciting!

This year the Olympics are held in London.The first every city to host the games 3 times, first in 1908 then in 1948 and now 2012.Its the city of majesty and Modernity meaning old but also new. Different venues for different games.The tennis will be held in Wimbledon Tennis courts,while Central sites will be for Archery,Road cycling,Beach Volleyball and Triathlon.Track and Field events,Swimming and  opening and closing ceremony's will accrue in the Olympic Stadium .So that leaves us with the events that will be around the river thomes which are Boxing,Gymnastics,Wrestling and Equestrian.

This year will be seeing some familiar faces.These people were in the last Olympic 4 years ago in Beijing .These people are Michael Phelps, Misty May,Kerry Welsh and of course Usain Bolt all competing against people all over the world to try win a gold medal.

I am looking forward to the boxing to see Alexis Pritchard in action as she is my role model .