Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Character Description Ms George

Ms George is not small and not tall she is just in the middle. She has golden brown curly locks and  white freckled skin.Warm colours and denim clothing is her style as she wouldn’t wear dark colours but her best accessory of all time is her great big smile that can warm up your day in a instant.

Friday, 18 May 2012

Toanga time

Last Friday was our first ever 'Taonga Time' for 2012. This meant that we had to go to a class or teacher to learn something new. I stayed in room 22 with Mrs Nua. We have 5 weeks to do our project  before we finish taonga time. Our job was to design and sketch what makes Point England Special! Then we have to paint our designs on the picnic tables in the street. My group had decided that we were going to do culture  because in Point England we have soo many cultures.That means we are a Multi cultural community. In my group there  is Alexandria, Maranda, David and Aneisha.  
We will work hard to get our design finished so we can paint the picnic tables that sit in the street .

Monday, 14 May 2012

My Digital MihiMihi

This is my digital MihiMihi I hope you like..

Wednesday, 9 May 2012


Fauves were a group of French Artist. The style of painting included intense colours and rapid brushstrokes. The group grew in 1905 to 1907 and Henri Mattisse led the group. Fauves expressed drictley of vivdness and excitment of nature.  the Fauves were influneced by by brigth colours and bold patterns.They  were also influneced by the brush work of artist from 1880 to 1890 for example Vincent Van Gogh.Faves mean wild beast and they got there name by an Art critic cause of the fauves unusal boldness of style.

Friday, 4 May 2012

My Sun Flower

This is the picture I painted based on Vincent Van Gogh's painting of his Sun flowers . It was really fun painting it and I really enjoyed it.

I learnt about Van Goghs  style of art which is post Impressionist.  And at the same time we had to make sure it was rough and that you could see the texture.

It took at least  4 days to finally complete it . First we had to draw out what we were going to do .Then it was painting time. We started painting but to make the texture realistic we had to use a lot of paint.We mixed and mixed colors. then we layerd our paint on the picture I layerd my paint at least 3 times. I finally fished it after 4 days and I am happy about my outcome

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

This is the picture I drew when I was our last Immersion with Ms LagiTupu


Last week on the 27th of  April we had an Immersion about art. That meant we had to go to another class and learn about a different artist  and their style of art. My favourite art session was with Ms Squires, there we learnt about shading and the style of Daniella Hulme.

Daniella Hulme is renowned for her style of  Pacific art that was inspired by her husband
who is a Samoan.

We started by drawing up a grid to help us. TThen  we had to draw the fruits with in the grid. The fruits we drawed were a Melon,Grapes,Banana and also a Mango. We drawed out what we were going to paint and When you were ready to get started in painting we had to mix colours together to make light ,dark also a mid tone colour so we can shade the picture.  We stayed for the whole afternoon froom after morning tea till Home time. We painted and painted but the bell ring for lunch .

We went out and after lunch we came back in to get straight into it. We got back and kept painting for our whole given time  which was till home time. I finished just in time. When we went to pack up me and Te Rina  had to wash the equipment that we used and when we were washing,  paint got on me and Te Rinas  tshirts

Although  I got dirty It was a good day with Ms Squires and I thought it was really fun.