Friday, 23 March 2012

How to set up a tent.

You will need/Equipment …
*Tent Fly
*Team work
*Two or more people
*Guy ropes

step 1: Find a dry flat surface to lay your tent down .
step 2: Then gather all the equipment that you will need.
step 3: Now unwrap the tent and taut it flat on the ground.
step 4: Next you grab out your poles and pegs.
step 5: So now we peg the bases with a mallet but make sure you put the pegs on an 45 angle or else it will easily fly away when sleeping in it.
step 6:Pull up the tent and Connect the poles together . Connect  it at the bottom on the bases.
step 7: Now clip up the clippers on each sides.
Step 8:Peg down all the guy ropes .
Step 9: Put on your fly on so rain doesn't come through , also peg your fly down so it doesn't fly off
Step 10: Tie up the string at the top, and strap up the velcro .
Step 11: Make sure nothing is wrong with your tent and if there is fix it .
Step 12: Try out your tent and relax, relax, relax

Best  Day Ever
OMG! We were just swimming in the swimarama pools when suddenly the warriors appeared . I ran into the pool with excitment wanting to meet the warriors and to maybe get there autographs too.

All the children roared with excitment also thinking YES! This was the best way to end camp.  Everyone was roaring like a bunch of wild monkeys screaming and trying to get closer to them. We all cheered them on as they were training. Cameras flashing left, right and center trying to get great shots of the Mighty Warriors.  The boys did a Haka and Shaun Johson  smiled and danced at the end when the boys were finished .   Luckily Mrs Tele’a  had a chance to interview some of the warriors.
They trained hard .   We just watched, and watched, and watched but still roaring loud like an angry tiger getting waked up from a nice peaceful sleep.

Finally they left. Leaving us in sadness cause they were leaving.  That night we were on the news and on the internet.  I will never forget that day and I’m hoping that next year they would be there again.

Thursday, 1 March 2012

What Respect Looks Like

I think that respect looks like...
In my picture the two girls are picking up rubbish that they haven't dropped and they are showing respect by just picking it up without being asked.