Friday, 28 December 2012

My Christmas Recount

"Wake up Zala ,Wake up", screeched my sister. Its Christmas hurry up.

I woke up rushed to the Christmas tree. Mum,Dad Sister,Brother and Uncle all around the tree.
Lets open up the presents.

My turn came up. I got 2 pairs of shorts, A go pro camera, A tripod for my camera and a microphone for my interviews.I also got a case for it and a Speaker and a chess harness  for my camera to go on my chess.

Lunch time was spent at My Mums side. we had a lovely lunch mostly made out of salads roast and savouries. To top that off desert came Ice- cream and Jelly while we watched Laughing Samoan's funny chokers.

For dinner we headed off to my Dads side of the family and had a lovely dinner there. I opened my present and I got Favourites and an Android Tablet. Lastly we ate trifle and vanilla ice cream.Now it was just time to hang and relax with my family and enjoy that delightful day.



Monday, 10 December 2012

Net book Reflection 2012

This year was my first year with My Netbook. Throughout the year I have enjoyed using my Netbook rather then pen and paper. My first year with my Netbook has been great. I love the fact that our Net books let the teacher see our work easier on her Dashboard. I like how we can take our Netbooks home . Our Netbook provides new technology  that some pupils can't get at home.
If I'm sick at home I can still do what my class is doing because of the class site.I can catch up with what my class is doing .
The thing I enjoy doing the most on my net book is posting on my blog and looking at other people's blog.
Our net books helps us for the future when we go to work and when we will be introduce to a lot of new technology in our future. Another positive thing about our Netbooks is  how fast we can search things up for our Inquiry topics. 
The only thing that's a minus is sometimes our internet connection plays up. This year has been a pleasure using a Netbook because last year at my old school the only source of technology we used were Multi media's Once a week in the ICT suite.

Monday, 3 December 2012

Toy Plan

This is my toy plan

Team Building

Last Thursday The Year 7 students did Team Building while the year 8's went to tech and had transitions.  The teachers set up  task's for us to do.
Our first task was to build a Christmas tree and we only had news paper,8 colourful paper,tape,scissors,1 meter of tinfoil, a piece of string and 2 fruit burst. How ever our tree had to have at least 4 branches and traditional Christmas tree decorations. Our Group worked well together.
When we were finished we had to stand around our tree and sing a carol.

The purpose of team building was to work together and for people to stand out to be next years Prefect.
My favourite part of team building was working together to make a Christmas tree.

Thursday, 22 November 2012

Bush Hike.....

Splash ! As Ricky’s new shoes were oozing with mud and water. The Dark Green tree’s smashed across each other. The wind howling, Crash! Boom! Lightning had struck. Thunder had roared,Fog was lurking around,The clouds were gloomy and dark.  and Rain poured down. Ricky knew that it was not gonna be a good day for a hike, however Ricky didn’t care not even a slight of worry. She started her hike and settled off.

“WOW” as Ricky had approached a steep hill. But with her determination she was eager to climb it. She was Halfway there .  “Aww”!. Her back started to ache. Wobbling side to side she trotted up the mountain. She grasped onto a branch that hung out on the side of a small tree. Snap! The branch snapped and in an instant she fell down the steep long hard hill. Crack! ‘Awww she quietly said. Her leg broke! No one else was there with her. She started to regret coming. “ HELP HELP HELP ME SOMEBODY PLEASE” she yelled.  But it was a ghost town. Swish !swayed the bush as she now knew she wasn’t alone. Out of nowhere pooped out a brown big fluffy dog .It had no leash not even a collar. The dog came and sat by her. “Over there my phone” she excitedly said. She tried crawling  and wriggling to the phone but the further she moved the worse her leg got.

The dog spotted her trying to get the phone. But saw she wasn’t successful, He leaped and bounded to the phone’ Picked it up in his jaw and ran back to Ricky.  “Roof Roof Roof” barked the dog. Ricky quickly called a rescue force and like a instant they arrived. The ambulance came and checked out her leg. It was alright as long  as she rested it. The girl hopped in her car . She was about to set off on her journey home until she saw the dog sit in the middle of the path with his head down and rain bucketing down on him. She felt sorry. Ran out  and picked him up, she put him in her car and kept the dog. The dog got loved and cared for it. The dog even got a collar and a name that Ricky loves, She named him Jessie.And from this day on Ricky and Jessie live happily ever after. Ricky also learnt to never go hiking when the weather is really bad and unbearable . .

Friday, 16 November 2012

Eclipse 2012

Breaking News. It has been so that On Wednesday The Sun was blocked by the Moon. All around NZ kids and Adults were Outside waiting to take a glimpse at a rare view.The sky went dark. It was an Eclipse.

The only part of land in the world that saw the sun totally block was Australia.

The next eclipse with similar coverage will not occur over New Zealand until 2028,but Auckland will not see a better solar eclipse until 2035.

Monday, 12 November 2012

My goals for this term is to learn all  my timetable's and do better Animations. I really hope that achieve my goals . I need to Write more interesting paragraphs and to show not tell. I want to succeed in my  Test's.

Monday, 5 November 2012

My Favourite Toy Aniamtion

 This is My Favourite Toy Aniamtion. I hope you enjoy it

Friday, 12 October 2012

SMAC Presents Agoge 2

On Saturday the  first week of the holidays I went to SMAC out in Manurewa as they were hosting Agoge 2. The show was about youth doing kick boxing.  I went to go support my team members Abel and Jack.  (Our Gym is called ETK ) There were 8 year old all the way up to 14 .The fights were all modified thai boxing rules except for the Main Event were it was IFMA  Full thai rules  meaning knees and Elbows.  I hung out with all my other team mates Auri, Teariki and Able and Able's little 1 year old sister Bella. I walked one of my team mate in His name was Jack. He won. I walked him in and stayed in his corner with Able. All the fights were really cool to watch.

Thanks Lady Smac  and SMAC Gym for the awesome show.

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Day 3 of My Holidays

Today  was another relaxing day.I played with my cat all day.My cat is big and chubby his name is Catchy or also known as Catch.He is a male cat and wears a blue collar.He is so fluffy and his fur is Grey and white.He likes to eat alot especially  his biscuits. At night he always comes and curls up in bed with me.My cat likes to play with strings and tries to catch birds a lot.I love my cat because he has a good personality but he can get annoying at night when he scratches my blankets.

Hopefully tonight we get to go visit  our Nana and Papa to see what they are up to this holiday....

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

My Brother Nytram

My crazy brother Nytram has black short but sometimes fuzzy hair that goes with his white skin. My brothers best accessory is his cheeky smile that he is wearing at home twenty four seven and that's when we know he did something wrong.

Guilty  for everything is what you can call my brother . Naughty all the time. here and there just so he can get his way. Trouble maker, making all my cousins cry even my little innocent sister. Although my brother is naughty and guilty for everything he is still cool to me.

Nytram loves to eat and eat and eat but never puts on weight .He is a huge game freak... Every day he plays on his Wii non stop for a couple of hours what a freak he is. Oh my gosh he is so annyoing and he loves to be an egg and annoys me every single day.

We love playing together. But most of all I love fighting and making him cry but we still just playing.He is so fun to spend a whole day with him and I wish I could every -day

I am so glad that my brother is still alive because when Nytram was two years old he didn’t have enough Iron in his body to survive. Now he is one of the best thing in my life and I’ll be devastated if he passed away.

Day 2 of My Holiday

Day 2

Today was a kickback day.A day just to relax and sleep in.
Today My Brother  and I just watched movies all day while my little sister was at daycare.
I didn't wake up till 10:30 am as I stayed up late the previous night.
Me and my  brother watched Alvin and the Chipmunks chip wreck.I highly recommend that you watch it if you haven't seen it before as it is a fun and hilarious movie for kids and all ages.

Tonight I cant wait to watch one of my all time favourite. Lemony Snicket A Series Of Unfortunate Events. A movie about a three children. The Baudelaires. It shows you what these children go through when there parents die in a fire and get resigned to living with there Unknown cousin Count Olaf.

Day 1 of My Holiday

Splash! As my brother feel in the rock pool down at the Pt England Beach.It was a scorching hot day.My Brother and I thought it would be a great day to go out and play in the water.We arrived down at the beach as my little sister ran down eager to go exploring and see what she could find.My little brother ran like a flash of lighting down on the rock ,as  slowly walked down to the clay bank. We played on the sand and My Dad wrote our names with a stick.We went exploring around the side. The tide was out, So we went down and walked out on the sandbar. We walked on the long rock and played on it.My Sister fell into the big rock pool.She was soaking wet. It was nearly time to go home but my sister ran on to the park.We played and played for 20 minutes.Sadly we had to  leave .

I cant wait for the rest of My Holidays.I am ready to Have a lot of fun.

League Prize giving 2012

Prize Giving 2012
Rugby league.

This Year I was happy to be apart of the Mount Wellington Warriors Rugby League Club. I played under 12's this year and I have been playing for Mount for 8years now. Our prize-giving was held on a Saturday inside the hall of our Club rooms. They Called up My team. Everybody got a trophy for their participation to our team and to our games. I went up and got mine. After a while there was only one trophy on the table for our team.It was a special award. It was for me. I went up to get it as it would be my last trophy for Mount because girls are not allowed to play Under 13's as they start competition. Prize giving carried on.Then it was home time.

The next day I go outside and see a package addressed to me. I quickly take it in side to see whats in it. It was a package from the Vodafone warriors. Inside was a envelope saying I have been awarded Best and Fairest of 2012. There were also other cool things inside.
There was a Warriors Plate with a fork and a spoon, A timer, A new Warriors Ball, Ice packs,A wrist Band,A ruler, An autograph book and 6 limited addition 2012 rugby league cards. The best Thing in the Package was a letter saying I get a season pass for 2013 and Its for free.I also get one for my dad tooo

Sunday, 30 September 2012

Little Red Riding Hood. Oshania and Roezala

Little Red Riding Hood
Once Upon a time,there was a little girl who lived in a village near the forest. When she went out, she always wore a red cloak. Therefore everyone called her Little Red Riding Hood. One morning Little Red Riding Hood asked her on and only mother if she could visit her old beloved grandma. "That's a great idea"her mother said . And they packed the treats and goodies. in the basket.

Remember go straight to grandmas house and don't talk to any strangers on the way.She trotted off but got distracted by some lovely flowers.She stopped to pick some up as she thought grandma will just adore them. Then she saw a big dark shadow emerging from the trees. It was a BIG FAT GIANT PIG! The pig could smell the goodies and treats from miles away. Suddenly the hung est pig popped out right beside her. 'What are you doing here" said the pig.  Well ,um I'm just delivering some treats to my grandma as she sprinted away. After hours of trudging through the forest she finally reached her distension ,Her grandmas house. Knock Knock but no-one replied.The door opened and out of nowhere she heard  Surprise! . Lots of fairy tales creatures and people were there. It was Red's Birthday. Cinderella,Snowhite and ,Sherk were there too.The giant fat pig was there as he planned the party, but he stayed in the corner scoffing down some food. They partied all day and they lived happily ever after.

Recreated by Oshania and Roezala

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Sapasui and Coco rice review

5kgs of Mince gently put in the pot. White vermicelli that looked like thin strings. The Rich soy sauce that poured into the pot like a gentle waterfall. Onions that made me cry.Peas that were so small and green. Oil that sizzled in our pot. Ginger and Garlic that made the smells travel all around our school. Rice that got mixed. Creamy coconut cream that poured on to the rice and the salt that got sprinkled in to the pot. The rice was dry but still yum. The sapasui melted in my mouth because it was so delightful.

The chefs
Ashin ,Moala,Raenan,Alex,Kitiona,Oshania,Te Rina, Jessica and Me

I sat on the chefs table.But I served.I was suprised that no one was silly at the table and it was good to see everyone geting along and just having fun.

Monday, 10 September 2012

New Zealand's Got Talent

Last night I watched the first episode of New Zealand's got talent. The judges are  Rachel Hunter, Jason Kerrison and UB40's Ali Campbell. It was a really good show. There was a man who shoved a sword down his mouth but sJ Geeks.adly he didn't make it through.There were a lot of singers and dancers even  cultural dances but my favourite of all time were the J Geeks because of there dance and costume.

J Geeks.....

On the link above you  can watch the J Geeks performance.

The Block NZ

 Libby and Ben's House

libby and Ben 
Over the past few weeks I’ve been really interested in watching The Block NZ.The block NZ came on every Wednesday and Thursday from 7:30 - 8:30 pm on channel 3.There were 4 old run down houses  and only 10 weeks to complete them form inside and out. There were 4 couples.In house number one there were Rachel and Tyson. In house number two  Sarah and Richard,House number 3 Libby and Ben and last but not least in house number 4 Ginny and Rhys.  From the start I wanted Libby and Ben to win.Libby and Ben won the whole competition raising 961,00 thousand in auction making 157,000 in profit and winning the extra 8,000 thousand. I think that Libby and Ben’s house was the best on the Block . The houses were located in Takapuna North shore of Auckland 5 minutes away from the shopping center and 2 minutes away from the beach.Who wouldn’t love that.I am happy that Ben and Libby won and I  hope that there is a Block NZ next year.

Thursday, 30 August 2012

Roezala and Jessica I Cross Country Writing

Cross Country.......

It was a beautiful sunny day. There were loads of  kids all lining  up to race in our schools annual Cross Country which was held on Friday. Mr Burt called up the 12 year old girls. As I approached the starting line my belly started to tingle. I felt like I had butterflies in my stomach    fluttering non stop.

Bang’! went the clippers in Mr Burt’s hand. We ran off knowing that  there would only be 8-9 spots to get  in to the inter zones. ‘Run and don’t give up I whispered in my head.’reminding me of the song Run baby Run.

‘Hold up Dante wait for me’ I screeched. I caught up to Toreka and asked her are we  nearly there yet? “No” Toreka replied, we're not even close to half way’. “Are you serious I said”, “Yes I am”,  replied Toreka as she passed me with a fast sprint.

Squishy,slimy,thick,gross are some words to describe the mud that oozed in our shoes and splashed up our legs.The mud was  heavy like sumo wrestlers on our backs. We couldn’t lift our legs without struggling .’Oh no here comes a corner ‘ as I slipped through the muddy bush walk.
Clinching on to one another trying to keep balance and not slip of the of the path.

Coming out of the bush walk to tamaki I finally saw Ms Squires,Run girls you're doing a great job and remember champions never give up.Tyla saw  me she sprinted to catch up.We finally did our last lap to the finish line it was so close. We started to sprint to the  finish line,  as a huge crowd of Pt Englanders shouted ‘goooooo’.

Heart pounding,Seeing that finish line I sprinted like a flash of lightning.My legs could’nt take it anymore they started to tighten up and felt like I couldn’t run but I still pushed and pushed till the end.I crossed that line and my shoulders felt much ligther a huge relifef for me.I ran to cross the line and straight away I fell to the ground like jelly .Trying to catch my breath back , I was completly exhausted .

Cross country was finally over. Phew’. I can’t wait until next year to do it all over again at our schools next annual cross country.

Friday, 10 August 2012

Harold Life Education Caravan

Over the last two weeks my class got to go to the life education caravan three time. Over  those sessions I learnt about making good choices and what can happen to my body if I make bad desscions and what consquences are.One thing I learnt was that smokes have 4000 chemicals in them and If you smoke your gambling with your own life, you can even lose your foot,finger or even your tongue.I even  learnt about alcohol and the consequences of it.

Thursday, 2 August 2012



It was a very sunny day. On the 26h of July was our first basketball lesson  with our instructors Shay and Ty.

We learnt five Teqnices passing,pivoting,jump stops, one two and dribbling. First  we learnt how to jump stop. We ran to the line and jumped on it landing with our knee's bent,then we had to pivot and run back to tag our partners.Then we did a one two. It was similar to the jump stop but we just had to step two times after we stopped on the line. Finally  we added the ball. We did the same Teqnices and we also learnt how to dribble. Lastly we did some passing drills meaning we either had to bounce pass, chess pass or a over head pass to our partner.

Towards the end of our lesson    we finally got to play a little game of ball tiggy. I cant wait for our next session to learn some more drills with our amazing tutours

Friday, 27 July 2012

The Olympic Flag

I wonder what are the six colours on the flag ? White,Red,Blue,Green,Black and Yellow are the Six Colours of the rings that interlock on the Olympic Flag.

People believe that the six colours have a meaning Blue representing  Europe, Black representing Africa, Red representing America, Yellow for Asia and Green For Oceania however some people believe that all the colors represent all nations. Pierre de Coubertin the founder of the modern Olympics was said to found the Olympic flag on an altar stone.

London 2012 Olympic Games

Just one more day until the London Olympic Games,how exciting!

This year the Olympics are held in London.The first every city to host the games 3 times, first in 1908 then in 1948 and now 2012.Its the city of majesty and Modernity meaning old but also new. Different venues for different games.The tennis will be held in Wimbledon Tennis courts,while Central sites will be for Archery,Road cycling,Beach Volleyball and Triathlon.Track and Field events,Swimming and  opening and closing ceremony's will accrue in the Olympic Stadium .So that leaves us with the events that will be around the river thomes which are Boxing,Gymnastics,Wrestling and Equestrian.

This year will be seeing some familiar faces.These people were in the last Olympic 4 years ago in Beijing .These people are Michael Phelps, Misty May,Kerry Welsh and of course Usain Bolt all competing against people all over the world to try win a gold medal.

I am looking forward to the boxing to see Alexis Pritchard in action as she is my role model .

Thursday, 28 June 2012

My Art Work for The art Gallery

This is My Painting that I have worked on for the last two weeks.

This is the original photo

Located in Penrose on Great South road is my favourite place of all time, my kickboxing Gym.
The reason it’s my favourite place is because I go there all the time and I really love going there to train.
I chose Daniella Hulme to portray my work. Her style emphasised the use
of shading, bright  tropical colours and island themes. I chose  Daniella Hulme because I thought that the shading would best portray my art and when we did shading with Ms Squires I liked learning and practising this style.
The hardest part was trying to do the ropes on the ring because they were too thin . The easiest part was the background.I think that I did portray the style of shading in my art work and I'm pleased with my outcome.

Friday, 22 June 2012

Pt England Performing arts PEPA

Pepa ! Pt England Performing Arts .What a term.

Practising for our special night !Our time to shine and show off what we practised . A whole term making sure we nail all our moves, vocals and all our talent.The night arrived . Pt England presents Origins... I was in Hip hop and I was also in The Show Choir. Huge crowed . The  performance  was  amazing . Although the stage was hot of  because of the lights beaming down on us it was really fun ...

My experience that I  had when I was in Pepa is a life time memory that I will never ever forget ...
Thanks Ms M you made my dreams come true..

Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Character Description Ms George

Ms George is not small and not tall she is just in the middle. She has golden brown curly locks and  white freckled skin.Warm colours and denim clothing is her style as she wouldn’t wear dark colours but her best accessory of all time is her great big smile that can warm up your day in a instant.

Friday, 18 May 2012

Toanga time

Last Friday was our first ever 'Taonga Time' for 2012. This meant that we had to go to a class or teacher to learn something new. I stayed in room 22 with Mrs Nua. We have 5 weeks to do our project  before we finish taonga time. Our job was to design and sketch what makes Point England Special! Then we have to paint our designs on the picnic tables in the street. My group had decided that we were going to do culture  because in Point England we have soo many cultures.That means we are a Multi cultural community. In my group there  is Alexandria, Maranda, David and Aneisha.  
We will work hard to get our design finished so we can paint the picnic tables that sit in the street .

Monday, 14 May 2012

My Digital MihiMihi

This is my digital MihiMihi I hope you like..

Wednesday, 9 May 2012


Fauves were a group of French Artist. The style of painting included intense colours and rapid brushstrokes. The group grew in 1905 to 1907 and Henri Mattisse led the group. Fauves expressed drictley of vivdness and excitment of nature.  the Fauves were influneced by by brigth colours and bold patterns.They  were also influneced by the brush work of artist from 1880 to 1890 for example Vincent Van Gogh.Faves mean wild beast and they got there name by an Art critic cause of the fauves unusal boldness of style.

Friday, 4 May 2012

My Sun Flower

This is the picture I painted based on Vincent Van Gogh's painting of his Sun flowers . It was really fun painting it and I really enjoyed it.

I learnt about Van Goghs  style of art which is post Impressionist.  And at the same time we had to make sure it was rough and that you could see the texture.

It took at least  4 days to finally complete it . First we had to draw out what we were going to do .Then it was painting time. We started painting but to make the texture realistic we had to use a lot of paint.We mixed and mixed colors. then we layerd our paint on the picture I layerd my paint at least 3 times. I finally fished it after 4 days and I am happy about my outcome

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

This is the picture I drew when I was our last Immersion with Ms LagiTupu


Last week on the 27th of  April we had an Immersion about art. That meant we had to go to another class and learn about a different artist  and their style of art. My favourite art session was with Ms Squires, there we learnt about shading and the style of Daniella Hulme.

Daniella Hulme is renowned for her style of  Pacific art that was inspired by her husband
who is a Samoan.

We started by drawing up a grid to help us. TThen  we had to draw the fruits with in the grid. The fruits we drawed were a Melon,Grapes,Banana and also a Mango. We drawed out what we were going to paint and When you were ready to get started in painting we had to mix colours together to make light ,dark also a mid tone colour so we can shade the picture.  We stayed for the whole afternoon froom after morning tea till Home time. We painted and painted but the bell ring for lunch .

We went out and after lunch we came back in to get straight into it. We got back and kept painting for our whole given time  which was till home time. I finished just in time. When we went to pack up me and Te Rina  had to wash the equipment that we used and when we were washing,  paint got on me and Te Rinas  tshirts

Although  I got dirty It was a good day with Ms Squires and I thought it was really fun.

Friday, 27 April 2012

Vincent Van Gogh

Vincent Van Gogh was a Dutch painter. He is one of the most famous painters.He had little recognition and  had sold only one painting in a life  time. He was born in Groot-z  near Breda in the Netherlands.

When Vincent Van Gogh was 16 his uncle became his art dealer and then his brother Theo also  became his art dealer. 1878  Vincent became a preacher in the Southerenest Belgium.

Thursday, 26 April 2012

Anzac Day

Planes flying
Horns blowing
People clapping

Soldiers Marching
A Nation united all together as one 
remembering soldiers who fought for our freedom and our peace
Hymns and prayers said and sang
All to remember the ANZAC men.
Lest we forget.

Friday, 23 March 2012

How to set up a tent.

You will need/Equipment …
*Tent Fly
*Team work
*Two or more people
*Guy ropes

step 1: Find a dry flat surface to lay your tent down .
step 2: Then gather all the equipment that you will need.
step 3: Now unwrap the tent and taut it flat on the ground.
step 4: Next you grab out your poles and pegs.
step 5: So now we peg the bases with a mallet but make sure you put the pegs on an 45 angle or else it will easily fly away when sleeping in it.
step 6:Pull up the tent and Connect the poles together . Connect  it at the bottom on the bases.
step 7: Now clip up the clippers on each sides.
Step 8:Peg down all the guy ropes .
Step 9: Put on your fly on so rain doesn't come through , also peg your fly down so it doesn't fly off
Step 10: Tie up the string at the top, and strap up the velcro .
Step 11: Make sure nothing is wrong with your tent and if there is fix it .
Step 12: Try out your tent and relax, relax, relax

Best  Day Ever
OMG! We were just swimming in the swimarama pools when suddenly the warriors appeared . I ran into the pool with excitment wanting to meet the warriors and to maybe get there autographs too.

All the children roared with excitment also thinking YES! This was the best way to end camp.  Everyone was roaring like a bunch of wild monkeys screaming and trying to get closer to them. We all cheered them on as they were training. Cameras flashing left, right and center trying to get great shots of the Mighty Warriors.  The boys did a Haka and Shaun Johson  smiled and danced at the end when the boys were finished .   Luckily Mrs Tele’a  had a chance to interview some of the warriors.
They trained hard .   We just watched, and watched, and watched but still roaring loud like an angry tiger getting waked up from a nice peaceful sleep.

Finally they left. Leaving us in sadness cause they were leaving.  That night we were on the news and on the internet.  I will never forget that day and I’m hoping that next year they would be there again.

Thursday, 1 March 2012

What Respect Looks Like

I think that respect looks like...
In my picture the two girls are picking up rubbish that they haven't dropped and they are showing respect by just picking it up without being asked.

Thursday, 23 February 2012


Mrs Nua called out to our class its time for netball. We all lined up. As soon as we got there the bright sun beamed down on us. Although it was scorching  hot we were all keen to play and learn with our  netball  instructor Liz.

We all lined up on the court by the junior classes. We were learning skills,passing and balance. We already knew things from last year so it was really just building on from what we learnt last year with Emma.  First we stood either on  a dot or a cross. We faced each other and started to pass the ball. The drill we did was to learn passing.

Secondly we learnt balance. There were 2 hurdles in the middle and we were told to jump over it and catch the ball but we had to land in our positions .In that drill we learned balance.

The last drill we did was to pass the ball to your team and try score goals  by throwing it at  the cones . We played and played and played but sadly it ended we all said good bye and walked back  to class.

It was fun at  netball and i can’t wait for next week so i can hone my skills on the court when  we get to learn about defence.

Monday, 20 February 2012


I am in Room 22 at Pt England School