Friday, 8 August 2014

Blogging Friday !! THAILAND :)

So I havent posted on my blog since ive been busy with training and homework and tests and essays .I  have now dicided to post reguarly now so its called Blogging Friday. My first post is about my trip Overseas to Malaysia and Thailand. I went to Phuket,Kuala Lumpr,Singapore,Langkawi and Melbourne. I went over for a Muaythai(Kickboxing) comp I took part in and luckly came home with Silver. I was in thailand for a week to prep a bit more before I go over then spent a week in Langkawi and Malayasia thenback to the beautiful Thailand. I personally loved thailand the people the culture and just everything thailand had to offer defenitly a tourist must and I am defenitly going back. Im trying to go at least once or twice a year. I made a little movie of the beauty of thailand. ENJOY !! :)

PS : I havent added all the things I done in thailand but ,one big place to visit  that I left out because i couldnt upload it was the Big buddah also elephants riding and etc !!!

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Aliza May The Ghost Of Alburn Street

Its been a while since I've posted on my blog. But recently I made up a story about a girl Name Aliza, and her story of her death. I wanted to write about tragic events not just rainbows and puppies and happy stories I wanted to be different this time so here it is Aliza May The ghost of Alburn Street.

Hi My names Aliza May, but every one calls me the ghost of Alburn Street. I was 15 at the time when a cruel person took my life away. It was on my 15th birthday March the 18th 1999. 3 years have gone by so quickly and oh so painfully. Every birthday I lay by my grave wishing I was still alive. I wonder what was going through My killers head when he pulled the trigger on me. Why me though ? What Did I do?

It was a dark ,freezing cold night. Thunder roared , lightening strikes  were flying everywhere and heavy rain bucketed down. I had just finished dance practice and  decided  that I'd  walked home ,as my house was only 4 blocks away. The streets were empty and there was no one to be seen. I slowly dawdled down Alburn street when a  tall skinny figure emerged out of a dark alleyway. My heart started to beat while the figure slowly came closer and closer. The man pulled out a gun from the back of his pants and said "Are you ready to die"In a really deep voice. Like a dash of lighting I attempted to run away, But I guess it was too late. BANG !

The bullet pierced straight through my heart and I fell to the ground. I layed in a pool of my own blood while he ran away and left me  there to die .I'm in a good place now but it gets really lonely at times I miss my family and my friends so much.I made a friend up here, her names Madeline Rose. We have 2 things in common we were both killed at the age of 15  and by the same person. How do we know you say? Well we both noticed that our killer had a black dead rose with prickly thorns tattooed on his left ankle.

The police haven't found my killer yet and that breaks my heart. I know he's out there and I know he's going to kill more people. There were no witnesses in either mine or Madeline's death. All i know was that he was tall everything else was a blur. Today Marks 3 years since I've been gone.This year I don't lye bye my grave. I walk down Alburn street instead. The night I got shot replays  through my head. I go visit my Mum, Dad and Sister at home. I walk in and they're singing. "Happy Birthday dear Aliza happy birthday to you" My little sister Maddy blows out the candles on my cake. I shed tears of joy and tears of sadness. I miss them soo much and I wish there was a way I could communicate with them , but there isn't.

When mum visit's me she always changes my flowers. White roses, My favorite. When she visit's it makes me happy. She talks to me and she brightens up my day.

Its now 5 years since  my death and I'm reunited with Mum and Maddy. They were in a tragic car incident were the car went flying off the road  through a cliff. I'm happy to see Mum and Maddy. But I look down and dad's really sad.4 weeks later we see Dad "No It couldn't be"we all say. He walks closer and said "yes it is  I couldn't live with out you all, So I decided to take my own life to reunite us together again as a family in a safe and loving place"

Life here is starting to get better for me. I'm with my family again and my killer got captured  Finally! It sadly took one more life but he's finally locked away. Me and Madline made freinds with her. Her names Ariana. All three of us are really close friends now. Were like sisters. Were still trying to find out why he killed us and why it took the police so long to catch him, But I guess that's a mystery that we might never know. I'm Aliza May and this has been my story.

Thursday, 19 December 2013

Its Officaly the Holidays!!!

Soo its offically the holidays  and Im soon a college student.
Hope everybody has a safe Christmas and a Happy New Year. Thanks to all my teachers , Mrs Burt and Mr Burt for everything. You guys rock. Also thanks  for all the oppertunitys I have had over the past 2 years. All you guys will truely forever be in my heart.

Keep watching my blog to see what I get up to in the holidays.

Merry Christmas and A happy New Year :)

Thursday, 12 December 2013

Netbook and Learning Reflection

How has having a netbook connected to the internet helped my learning this year?

This year has been an awesome year for me personally with my netbook, I’ve learned and improved so much over the  past year. For example in the beginning of the year my reading age was 13, now I read at 14.5, because all the weeks spent in literacy with Ms Lagitupu ,reading online articles for our  reading tasks and using google to research what we were learning about. In maths i’ve improved  thanks to our online sites that act like tutors such as Maths whizz and XtraMath and all our strategy problems on our classes online  site.

I’ve learnt how to do technical skills, such as using creative commons to licence my work, do a whole heap of things in Imovie and many more. Most of my learning this year on my netbook were with a partner ,and I’ve picked up a lot of technical skills from all the other kids that have had there netbook longer than me. I’ve also learnt a lot by myself at home, researching things when i'm being noisy about a specific event or person and posting on my blog in the holidays trying to improving my writing.

I’ve had such a great successful year, I’ve learnt and improved so much and I love being able to use a my netbook and technology connected to the internet. I’m pretty upset that next year I wont be taking my netbook but I will be taking a different device  to college but i'm also happy that where im going we use google docs and everything that I did this year so that means I can still keep my blog I just need to transform it over to my new school next year.

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Camp !!!@ Keswick Rotorua

Camp Was Awesome!! 

For me I really liked Swimming in the Blue lake and Creason creek, Staying up late gossiping and getting to know my  room mates more. Swimming at the Kauira Pools,the Agrodome and watching movies late at night.

The food there wasn't that great but hey ,It was something. Each group had duties, Washing the dishes, setting up, or serving. We shared the dinning room with other schools and the first night it was really loud.

The walking was alright but the only thing was that when we walked around the blue lake it was raining.Walking around the thermal wonderland was pretty cool looking at craters and mudpools. 

The Ludge
The Ludge was soo AWESOME. I loved trying to race and overtake my friends on the way down. At first I was nervous to go on but after my first ride I couldn't wait to go on again. I went down two times because I won an extra ludge ticket for fitness on Tuesday morning. On the way up back to the ludge it was funny watching Ms V(Daisy ) screaming because she's scared of heights. We kept telling Miss to open her eyes but she wouldn't. I absouletly loved the ludge and the gondola that took us up.

My Group.
I was in a group called the Originators. Our team leader was Raenan and our Parent was Marleen, Serena's mum. In our group there was  Me,Ashleigh, Shoal, Mary I, Eleva, Raenan, Gabriel and Patrick.Our group was pretty awesome.

The Agrodome
The Agrodome was just amazing, The show was hilarious and the sheep were so well trained. My favourite sheep's were Merino and Drysdale. The dogs were well trained too doing tricks like spinning around on the stage and many more. The nursery was sooo amazing touching,holding,and feeding the baby animals. I held a black baby lamb and feed some other baby lambs. I also saw a deer that looked like baby Bambii.

Swimming was sooo cool. At creason creek the water was nice and warm. A group of kids swam there and it felt like a spa pool. We also swam at the blue lake when it was raining at it was really cold but still a lot of fun jumping of the pontoon. At kuira pools we had a blast jumping of the trampoline into the pool and just hanging out with all our friends. I know the girls had a blast jumping together taking photos.

My Cabin
Our cabin got named the " Popular Cabin"  for the music blasting and having a lot of visitors in our cabin when it was free time. It was fun staying up late gossiping with the girl's and I feel camp made me  know more about the girls I slept with. In our cabin there was Me, Rita, Ash, Shoal, Jaz and Seno. 

Late night movies.
Late night movies were really relaxful. The last 2 nights of camp we watched movies, the first night Pitch perfect then the next the Avengers. This was were we all just get warm in our blankets get together and watch movies and have fun with each other . Some people watched the movie and some people were falling asleep.

I loved our final camp! It was pretty AWESOME .Spending time with the year 8's before we all leave next year for college. KESWICK CAMP WAS PRETTY AWESOME!!!.

Monday, 9 December 2013

Camp Keswick Day 1!!

Day 1 @ Camp Keswick!!!

We all arrived at 8:30 in the morning with a huge smile on our faces all eager to get on the bus. After the roll and a Korero from Mr Burt we all rushed with our bags on the bus. Then we hit the road. Our first stop on the way down to Rotorua was at a lake. We stopped to have our lunch and some fresh air. At the lake we played with rocks down by the water and some of us even found some mussels. Soon we all hopped on the bus ready to go on another stop at a dam were we saw huge gold fishes and walked on a bridge surrounded  by water. We finally arrived at Camp Keswick were got organized into our cabins and had a little time to chill out. We then got on the bus and travelled to a mountain were we did a 3.8 km walk some people ran. When we walked everybody was complaining because Mr Barks said there was no uphill  yet there were and he said it was only a short walk ( 3.8!!) and on my way down the hills I rolled my ankle and but luckily Lorenz was there. Back at camp when we arrived back we had our showers some people went for a swim across the road and we got ready for dinner. For Dinner we had  Chicken casserole with steamed rice and glazed carrots. Dessert we had chocolate moose but our school didn't get any because the other schools that were there eat it all. After dinner we practised our prize giving dance then settled in our cabins ready for the next day.


Monday, 2 December 2013

My Year 8 Movie !!!

As this is the last year for me and many others that attend Point England school the year  8 students had to make a reflection of our time here at PES, as we are leaving each other departing in different ways next year. BRING ON COLLEGE !!!! I've been at this school for 2 years now and I  totally love it.
Here is my Year 8 movie... :)

Roezala Y8 movie from Team 5 PES on Vimeo.